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Reception Attendant
for Microsoft Teams

Go Beyond Warm Call Transfers with Anywhere365 Reception Attendant for Microsoft Teams

For us the Reception has always been one of the role models of a Contact Center

A receptionist is here to receive your visitors and give them a great welcome experience. They are often the first business contact a person will meet. A receptionist who possesses strong skills in courtesy, tact and diplomacy is an asset to your organization.

Especially when provided with the right technology.

Delight Transfer

Optimize transparency and guidance to massively impact customer experience

Advanced Timeline

See the whole customer journey from accepting to forwarding and closing the call

Queue overview

View queue activity and take appropriate action to ensure KPI’s are being met


See availability from colleague’s Teams client and simply drag and drop contacts to them


Extend CRM to your receptionist for making notes during a call for optimal registry

WhatsApp and Email

Receive and send WhatsApp and email messages while you’re on a call

The User Friendliest Reception Attendant in the Market

With the right technology your receptionist will add productivity and create a great CX for your business. The Anywhere365® Reception Attendant for  Microsoft Teams is the most user-friendly Reception Attendant Console in the market.

Obviously it contains features like queues, timelines, hold, transfer and fallback and Office 365 Calendar integration.

All from the Microsoft Teams client that your receptionist knows. But there’s more to it!

Upgrade CX with Delight Transfers

You no longer have to be satisfied with lukewarm call transfers. We’re bringing a whole new standard to the market: Delight Transfer. This gives maximum transparency and guidance to customers and will massively impact their experience.

Think of it as Call Transfer as a Service. The customer can be warmly transferred throughout the enterprise, but can hear and even intervene in the handover before the first agent leaves the conversation.

“Innovative, intuitive and powerful features you will love, with the reception experience you deserve”

A Natural Extension to People’s Intuitive Way of Communication

It’s not new that Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone communications systems don’t meet the requirements of today’s generation. Let alone future generations.

Your customers expect that they can interact with your organization at any time from anywhere on any type of device, via any communication channel. Your software should feel as a natural extension to how people communicate.

Truly Omnichannel
Reception Features

Anywhere365® is a true omnichannel solution. Due to the robust, highly scalable, but also extremely flexible implementation, Anywhere365® has been built to easily incorporate future business requirements without significant additional overhead.

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