Why Anywhere365?

Distribute the right communication to the right person, at the right time regardless of location

Efficient and productive dialogues

Everything is focused on enabling efficient and productive dialogues to take place between people and groups both internally within your organization and between your organization and your customers.

Anywhere365 Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management platform is a full native integration into the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform for any kind of business, organization or department that aims for cost-effective customer contact or an internal service desk with rich dialogue management and contact center functionality.





Anyone within an organization is able to act as its own contact center.

Incoming conversations will be forwarded by Anywhere365 to the appropriate agent

Based on skill, presence, location, part of the day and many more routing options

Powerful and actionable Dialogue intelligence capabilities to extract previously hidden dialogue patterns.

Provides real-time visibility work item status on a Wallboard to monitor your contact center activity and performance

Full Customer Journey

Insight into the customer journey of your customer flow helps your agents to optimize your service and customer experience

Our timeline is a customer journey which visualizes all contact moments with previous agents who he or she has spoken to that day / time, from accepting the call to forwarding and closing the call. The agent can better respond to customer demand because he/she has everything at hand. The agent can better optimize their own processes because it is known how to help and because this information is readily available through last agent routing, etc., which eliminates long menu options. By streamlining this process customers are served much faster, which results in a higher customer satisfaction.

UCC Caller Identification

Previous contact

CRM Information

Visual transfers

Contextual Intelligence

Eliminates long menu options

Flexibility and Scalability

for more efficiency, a better work- life balance and more productive work
with Anywhere365 Universal Contact Center for the Business Enterprise



Dashboards & UCC Management

The UCC settingspage is easy to use and can be managed from any internet browser, anywhere, anytime by anyone with the right permissions.

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Reliable, Safe & Secure

Anywhere365 is a full extension of the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform with a secure infrastrcture.

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Features that suites every situation

We challenge you to envision your own system and we promise that we will be able to deliver almost all required features out of the box.

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Seamless integration with the most essential business tools

With our CRM and Back Office extension it is possible to connect to any of your CRM and Back Office services. Most common services are Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Oracle and TopDesk. Since not every company is the same and therefore not using the same services, we are able to provide an extension for any other service that your company might have and that, always for a fixed price.

Actionable Dialogue Intelligence

Realtime reporting using data mining techniques, enabling comprehensive Business & Dialogue
Intelligence to extract previously hidden dialogue patterns





Updated Real-time Dialogue Intelligence

Immediate feedback on call volumes

Detect seasonal patterns

Allows for pro-active response to anticipated call volumes

Interactive functionality to drill down to individual call level

Sorting capability on variety of features (agent, skills, time, etc.)​



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Expert Assistance whenever necessary –
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

At Workstreampeople, we understand how important it is that this center operates extremely sensitively and
accurately from the moment you start using the Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center platform – Always.

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