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Anywhere365 for Skype Release 5 Feature – The Settings and Role Model Config Portal for each UCC


When your legacy PBX becomes end-of-life, replacing it with Skype for Business is the logical product of choice. As a widely adopted, flexible, low-cost communications platform, it can scale efficiently with the needs of your organization. However, even though the feature set of Skype for Business, or its predecessor Lync, is sufficient for regular, ad-hoc communication, it lacks full dialogue management capabilities that enterprises now demand. Enter Anywhere365. As a trusted application inside the Lync/Skype for Business topology, Anywhere365 enriches the Skype for Business feature set by enabling not just full PABX features, but also allows contact centers, support desks, advanced hunt groups, boss/admin switches, reception attendants for your organization. Need compliance recording, (web)chat, dialogue routing or integrate with your CRM? It’s available out of the box and available in a matter of hours. All from one single dialogue management platform. Managing Anywhere365 also follows our disruptive approach. Do you want end-users to be responsible for easily configuring their accessibility, attainability and manage their own dialogue flows? No problem. It gives the Anywhere365 tools in the hands of the end-user, allowing IT to focus on their core responsibility with full access to the high level administrative components, security and permissions of Anywhere365.

We’re gearing up for our next major release: In addition to new features and functionality, release R5 will also offer a brand new user interface that makes administrating and configuring the platform a breeze. Listening carefully to our global client base of 307 customers, we intend on staying the largest native Lync/Skype for Business Contact Center application in the world.

Anywhere365. One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

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