Studies show that people use their smartphone 221 times per day and that’s why probably a lot of organizations are providing personal apps to their customers. My insurance company has one in which I can view all my insurance policies. It is a convenient way to find the details of my policies. But if I have additional questions or if I can’t find the information I was looking for I have to dial a telephone number and probably explain who I am and about which policy I have a question.

Like most people, my main communication device is my smartphone. I prefer to start these types of inquiries with a chat, particularly when I’m not yet inclined to give them a call.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a chat option in the insurance app itself, that would be automatically routed to an agent in the insurance company who had the right skills and information to answer my quick question?

And wouldn’t it be even greater if I would be able to escalate the chat to a voice or even a video call, straight from the app itself? This will give me the opportunity to speak to the agent if necessary. Let’s say that my car is damaged and after the chat I want to show the damages to the agent via video. Seamlessly adding these additional channels to a chat will improve my customer satisfaction.

And Anywhere365 does just that!

Anywhere365 is a dialogue management platform and routes dialogues in a smart, dynamic way to the right agent providing the right data in his/her Skype for Business client. We do this for a wide variety of modalities, such as PSTN calls, webchats, social media etc.

Our latest product that has been added to our portfolio is a brand new version of the Anywhere365 GridChat app. GridChat offers chat, audio and video communication with Skype for Business (skill) groups or users. These elements can be embedded in your existing apps or the full app can be white-labeled.



I am sure you not only want to offer information in your app but also w
ant to enable your customer to communicate with the correct skilled users in your organization directly, eliminating unnecessary dialogues. Get closer to your customer and think of scenarios where you can nudge your customer to engage with you in the most efficient way possible.

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Erik van Arkel

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