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High customer satisfaction is what business/organisations aim for. And to reach high levels it’s nice to understand what influences customer satisfaction and how.

What will boost your customer satisfaction and what makes it drop? Next to your product, communication has an enormous impact on the customer satisfaction so it is worth to have a closer look. The Kano model is useful in gaining a thorough understanding of customer’s needs

Dr. Noriaki Kano, Tokyo University of Science’s professor of quality management, isolated and identified three levels of customer expectations. The result is a model which is named after the Professor: The Kano Model.

The model describes three levels of needs:

  • Mandatory requirements
  • Performance requirements
  • Excitement requirements

The model involves two dimensions:

  • Achievement (the horizontal axis) which runs from the supplier didn’t do it at all to the supplier did it very well.
  • Satisfaction (the vertical axis) that goes from total dissatisfaction with the product or service to total satisfaction with the product or service.


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To further explain the model I will give some examples of something we all know; a hotel room. If you book a room, you are not asking if there is a bed in the room. It’s a Mandatory requirement and if it’s not there you will be extremely disappointed.

The size of the room will also impact the satisfaction. The bigger the room, the higher your satisfaction probably will be. This is an example of a Performance requirement and it has a linear relationship with satisfaction. A small room will lower the satisfaction, a bigger room will increase the satisfaction.

For an example of Excitement needs you could think of fresh flowers or fruit in your hotel room every day. That would bring a smile on your face for sure!

The good thing is that people don’t expect businesses/organisations to fill in the Excitement needs and are not disappointed when they are not met. Actually, they are not aware that they have these needs. But if you do fill in the Excitement needs the customer satisfaction will increase exponentially!

And there is another thing we must take into account. The value of filling the requirements is decaying over time. As an example, there was a time that you were pleasantly surprised if your hotel had fast, reliable and free Wi-Fi access but nowadays you probably are expecting it and will be disappointed if that is not the case. Requirements that use to fall in the Excitement bucket may end up in the Mandatory bucket. We constantly have to work on new factors that will excite your customers.

Back to communication. The Kano model teaches us that we must take care of the basics. No customer will ask for good sound quality or speak to friendly agents. Customers will see that as a mandatory need.

With Anywhere365 you can easily satisfy the Performance requirements. Anywhere365 helps organisations to perform better by integrating with CRM-, ticket- or back-office systems, finding the right professional fast, based on CRM, historical data, skill, availability, etc and offering only IVR menu options (if needed) relevant for the individual customer. If your organisation performs more effectively, the customer satisfaction will rise accordingly.

Anywhere365 has a lot of features that will excite your customer. Our timeline provides an overview to the agent of all earlier interactions with the customer, with details about choices in the IVR, who they spoke to, the subject of the call, a link to the call recording and much more. With this information the agent can help the customer above expectations. Offering the communication channel of choice (social, web, sms, mobile apps, etc) to customers will surprise them as well. And another Excitement factor is the capability to route calls to the last agent they spoke/chatted with and/or routing to the agent based on data in the CRM system.

Realtime translation offers the possibility to communicate in the customers native language and will come as a pleasant surprise. And what about sending a transcript of the call to the customer after the call? These features will blow customers away and boost customer satisfaction!

Turn your Skype for Business into an effective and efficient tool to boost customer satisfaction by adding Anywhere365 to it!

Our continuous and innovative development will guarantee the possibility to keep satisfying your customers.

With the Anywhere365 Dialogue Management platform, your organisation has the tools to be more effective and trigger a WOW effect for your customers. Everytime, anywhere, 365 days a year.

Please contact me if you like to discuss to possibilities to excite your customers.


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