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Can You Afford Not Adopting Modern Enterprise Dialogue Management?

Modern Enterprise Dialogue Management

Every single company we’ve talked to in the past weeks tells us the same thing: ‘we need to shift gears in our enterprise dialogue management, and do it fast. Our IT helpdesk is busier than ever and Contact Center Agents are drowning in unnecessary customer questions. But how? Can you help us get rid of unnecessary dialogues?’ The good news is that we answer that question with a simple and convinced ‘Yes, we can’.

Enterprise dialogues have moved beyond the contact center. Anyone within your organization can at some point become ‘the contact center’. Enterprise IT managers, customer experience managers and even C-level are saying that they are looking at something that is potentially much more than a support solution. It is about communication vehicles for interaction and unfiltered feedback on a customer’s experience with a brand, managing and capturing all data points of all dialogues, from all channels.

Can You Afford This?

Many times in the past years we’ve seen legacy systems stand in the way of business innovation and great customer experience. But nowadays, they are becoming more than just a frustration. In fact, these systems are identified as a threat to business continuity. They are less secure, less compliant to regulations, and require a lot of your IT budget for maintenance. Also, the people who actually know these ancient technologies are crazy expensive and an endangered species (no one is studying COBOL or Fortran anymore).

Can you afford to keep going like this? With almost the entire company working from home or any other remote office, you need a logistical distributed working environment, in a secure infrastructure. And the solution is actually easy. Now is the time to modernize the way you manage enterprise dialogues. Before this COVID-19 period is killing your business.

All the Benefits of Microsoft Teams

You are probably working with Microsoft Teams, as do 85% of enterprises around the globe. So, why not reduce point solutions from separate vendors and monetize on all the benefits of Microsoft Teams as the standard desktop application for enterprise communication? Anywhere365, as the global launching partner of Microsofts Connected Contact Center certification program, lets you integrate Teams with any of your backoffice and IT management systems. And you don’t have to worry about security either: we are ISO27001 certified!

ISO27001 certified

Our Cloud Enterprise Dialogue Management software uses all the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to route calls to any of your agents or knowledge workers. Along with all our rich features, such as Call recording, Real-time Translation, Timeline, Wallboards and many more. We ensure consistency, constant improvement, and scalability for customer engagement from any device, any channel, location or time zone. Oh, and did I already mention the ISO27001 certification of our Enterprise Dialogue Management software?

Me and my colleagues would love to show you the benefits of Anywhere365. Let’s connect, through this demo request form or send me a message on Linkedin!

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