Create The Warmest Call Transfers

Transferring calls in a contact center or anywhere in the organization is often a necessity. But at Anywhere365® we believe that call transfers can actually bring a smile to your customer’s face. In the next two blog posts I’d like to demonstrate how customers can experience the warmest possible call transfers and introduce a new level of call transfer customer experience: Delight Call Transfer. In this first piece, we’ll look at the automatic call transfer at the entrance of your contact center.

Do You Know The Feeling?

Let’s say you have a question about your insurance, your telco invoice or your new tv that was supposed to be delivered. You call this company and after picking the choice in the IVR (Integrated Voice Response) menu that sounded the most helpful, a young man picks up. After explaining why you call, he lets you know that you have the wrong department. While your call is suddenly transferred, there’s this horrible elevator music. Then, after a few minutes, the call is answered by an enthusiastic young lady. You tell her why you call. Again. She admits she only started this new job yesterday, but will transfer you to a colleague. This terrible hold music again. Luckily, a middle-aged man takes over quite quickly and asks you the most annoying question: how can I help?

How Great Is Your IVR At Call Transfers?

Sounds familiar? This is what happens in a lot of businesses and may even be how it works in your own company. We have put together an IVR menu, based on how we’ve set up our organization. No one sends their customer into the woods purposely, so we’re trying to make it as logical as we can. But for many customers it’s simply not enough, as McKinsey pointed out last year. Causing them to end up at the wrong skill or department. So, let’s look at our IVR systems first, before talking about creating warm call transfers between people.

Separate the Bots From the Boys

First of all, an Integrated Voice Response can predict the call intent, mostly depending on how your organization is set up. But newer and smarter technologies are on the block today. Welcome to the new Industrial Revolution for customer service! AI voice bots are taking over the world of IVR. And not without reason. While focusing on a great customer experience, they can make the workforce more productive. A voice bot can take care of simple customer dialogues, thanks to the use of AI and machine learning and the direct integration with your CRM.

If the question is too advanced, the bot will route the call seamlessly to an agent. It routes calls faster and more accurately than any IVR, hands over all the CRM-data and complete conversation history. Bottom line: the customer doesn’t have to tell her story again. This separates the bots from the boys. Anywhere365® provides you with IVR technology, but we see more and more customers use our AI chat bots and voice bots and Machine Learning.

Call Transfer DYI: Nodes without Codes

We have over 30 seamless CRM integrations, bringing the CRM data to the core of every dialogue. This ensures that your customers feel well-served, beyond any IVR. And the good news is: we have built a zero code Dialogue Studio where you can drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas and simply publish the AI-enabled dialogue.

Want to see Dialogue Studio in action? Me or my colleagues would love to show you a demo!

In our next blog piece in this series, we will look at how you can delight customers with what we call Delight Transfer, or Call Transfer as a Service.


The author Hans