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Anywhere365® Proudly Presents: Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT

Introduction of Dialogue Cloud for IoT

It’s not new that the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the products that we use daily. Your watch, home and parking lot, everything becomes smart. PriceWaterhouseCoopers said last year that the 70% of executives in their 2019 survey have IoT projects going on.

The biggest drivers of IoT are AI and Big Data. And that’s exactly where we excel. With Anywhere365® you have the technology to access and utilize all available data in real-time. This allows you to enhance strategic decision making and create the greatest customer experiences in the world. But also to enrich critical alarms, as part of your enterprise-wide dialogue management.

Where Is The Internet of Things In Your Critical Dialogues?

In the past decade we have seen smart office spaces, warehouses, hotels and other organizations utilize the Internet of Things. To help people know the fastest track from A to B, to manage a building climate, for surveillance or simply for earning more money. However, where is IoT in your critical dialogues? It could in some cases literally mean the difference between life and death.

At Anywhere365® we have developed highly productive applications to painlessly manage all your enterprise dialogues. We were recognized for that by Gartner and are one of the fastest growing global companies in the CCaaS sector. Obviously, the Internet of Things was already a part of our offering, but we are now proudly pre-announcing our newest product: Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT. Based on the strong and vendor independent technology stack of IQMessenger, part of Anywhere365®.

Vendor independent IoT platform for alarms and communication

Anywhere365® Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT allows you to revolutionize dialogue management. And reduce alarm fatigue in the process. As with any of our products the Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT is natively attached to Microsoft Teams. Yet another big plus: it was designed hardware independent. We can deliver on the hardware from Apple, Samsung, Avaya or any other global vendor.

Keep employees and the business safe with the Internet of Things

Make sure that employees on a manufacturing plant are safe. We allow you to create early warnings of malfunctions and set high-priority notifications such as a fire alarm. GPS will tell you exactly where the smartphone (and therefore the employee) is located.

When every second counts, it is essential that your critical alarm is top-notch. We make sure that emergency responders can act quickly and effectively. Our dashboards and callout functions ensure that you have enough emergency responders per building and that the right responder is at the right place at the right time. How? We love to be concrete, so we’ve created a scenario.

Scenario: IoT vs Fire at the Plant

Your company runs a chemical plant with 1,000 workers on site. All of the sudden the fire alarm goes off. The Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT shows the alarm on a dashboard. The business rules demand that 6 people need to be notified, so we automatically set up a call bridge (with video conference) and invite these six. In the mean time, nearby cameras are directed towards the emergency for a clear overview. It also sends a text message to the emergency responders, to notify them that they might be needed.

The conference call has troubles reaching one of the required attendees, but we don’t want that to impact the speed of action. So the Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT sends this person a text message. The other five people have a swift conversation, which is recorded and transcribed by an AI assistant. They decide to send a drone in the sky to show real-time images. Based on what they see the coordinating team descales the alarm. Anywhere365® Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT logs the whole event in a Teams channel and sends a new notification to the emergency responders that everything is under control.

Are you ready to move from point solutions and add the Internet of Things to your critical enterprise dialogues? Let’s talk!


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