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C-level and other decision makers in the business and IT are explicitly looking to integrate call center solutions into Microsoft Teams. The Google Trends report shows that since the COVID-19 pandemic the numbers of searches for Microsoft Teams call center or Microsoft Teams contact center have spiked. If you’re looking for more information, please watch our most recent webinar on optimizing Microsoft Teams with cloud contact center.

The reason for this trend is simple. Whether for health safety, convenience, or cost-saving reasons, it’s becoming the new normal for global workforces to work from home or other remote locations. The challenge is that they’re still expected to deliver the same level of communication as when they were behind a desk in the office. Business communications simply need to be more logistical and location agnostic now. Are you helping agents to do their work efficiently, with pleasure and maximum value for the customer?

Service Excellence with Native Microsoft Teams Call Center

Customers are harder to satisfy today. The amount of contacts per product continue to increase, and customers demand excellent service. On their terms and through their preferred channels. At the same time, cost remains a concern, especially as former cost-cutting efforts already reached their limits. As a result service levels may even deteriorate.

While hardware like mobile phones and ultralight computers help, it’s software like Microsoft Teams that really empowers workers to stay productive and stay in touch from anywhere. Everyone in your company can be seamlessly connected on a single platform. This allows for example front-line agents to easily engage specific knowledge workers to serve customers.

Watch Our Latest Webinar Together with Microsoft

In our recent webinar together with Microsoft, we’ve explained how you can extend Microsoft Teams with enterprise voice capabilities through natively integrated cloud contact center solutions. Discover how investing in people and technology together creates top-notch customer service, increases workforce productivity and reduces IT costs. We will show you how to use Teams for your cloud contact center and full enterprise dialogue management.

Are you ready to discover how the Anywhere365® omni-channel dialogue management platform integrates with Microsoft Teams? Watch our webinar on demand. Want to deepdive directly into the specifics for your business? Feel free to request your demo!

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