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How to: Skyrocket Customer Engagement in the Financial Sector


Never in the past decades have there been this many service dialogues. We’ve read about doubled and even tripled waiting cues. In customer contact centers and intermediary desks as well as internal HR and IT service desks. The landscape for business communications in the financial sector has shifted dramatically. That’s why we have published a whitepaper with 5 investments to skyrocket customer engagement in the financial sector. Download it here.

AI-led Shift Left Strategies

C-level is looking at the coherence of applications from a more holistic view of customer centricity. Innovating customer interfaces, integrating touch points, and delivering a higher performance. But even though shift left strategies increasingly turn contact centers into cloud-based and AI-led platforms, human contact is still a significant part of them.

In our whitepaper you will discover how phenomenal customer service can go hand in hand with significantly less unnecessary dialogues. Resulting in happier agents, higher workforce productivity and reduced IT costs.

Hello Dialogue, Goodbye Contact center

It begins with the awareness that it’s not about the contact center. That’s just a department. But nowadays anyone within the bank can become the contact center. The question is if the digital bank of the future will even have a contact center department at all. If you really put the customer first, you need to focus on the dialogue.

Dialogue-centric companies in every single industry break away from legacy systems and invest in automation and cloud technologies. They incorporate CRM data to make every dialogue count. And deep inside we all know what will happen in the coming years. No crystal ball needed. The shift to cloud and more automation was long due. COVID-19 just speeded things up in the digital transformation that many banks have talked about in the past years.

Explore whitepaper: 5 investments to skyrocket customer engagement in the financial sector

Facilitate Human Touch with Cloud Technology

You only have a specific amount of productivity in your warehouse of time. So, treat communications as a precious commodity, like your supply chain processes. When people work from home, simply pouring old wine into new bags won’t cut it. You need to bring technology to where it really facilitates the human factor in customer contact. No matter if that human factor is an AI voice bot or an agent of flesh and blood.

However, a big problem for many financial enterprises is an insufficient connection between business facing and customer facing systems. All too often mandatory legacy systems prohibit employees from connecting with customers via the same digital processes. Causing issues in capacity planning and frustrating dialogues to both ends of the line. You need to influence the digital dexterity of your people and drive dialogues with all your data. Customers will encounter less errors, more speed and more personalized communication.

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