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Anywhere365 and ASC Technologies bring compliancy recording to certified Microsoft Teams Contact Center

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Today, we’ve announced our strategic partnership with ASC Technologies. Anywhere365®, the world’s first certified Microsoft Teams Contact Center, will extend its Azure based Dialogue Cloud Platform with ASC’s certified compliance recording app ASC Recording Insights, combining two market leading solutions in one omnichannel dialogue management platform.

This is good news for regulated industries such as the financial sector. Compliance recording is a mandatory part of their customer dialogues. Especially with the accelerating adoption of cloud communications, the recording capabilities need to be secure, flexible and enhance agent productivity. With this new strategic partnership we take high quality, legally compliant and efficient customer dialogues to a new level. No matter where agents are located.

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Dissolving legal communication challenges

Gijs Geurts, the founder and CEO of Anywhere365® said: “It has always been our mission to let our technology reduce unnecessary handling of dialogues. Adding ASC compliance recording to our omnichannel Cloud Contact Center brings speed and cost-efficiency to the table. We make it possible for banks and other heavily regulated sectors to dissolve several of their customer communication challenges, without point solutions and without reorganizing their IT infrastructure.”

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Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

“Anywhere365 and ASC allow regulated companies to bring Microsoft Teams to their Contact Center in a compliant way.” said Dr. Gerald Kromer, CEO, ASC Technologies. “Together, we stand for Customer Service and Compliance natively integrated in Microsoft Teams – ready for our customers within hours.”

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