Meet BridgCRM 
Our Bridg CRM application extends powerful Anywhere365 Contact Center and Dialogue Management capabilities to the Mobile user over any channel, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


An Anywhere365 product you will

And it gets even better.

  • Caller Information Display information from your
    CRM and Back Office services.
  • Timeline See the customer journey from accepting
    to forwarding and closing the call.
  • Transfer Call Ensure the call is transferred to the correct
    resource the first time and eliminate unnecessary dialogues.
  • Call classfication Classify / label a dialogue to improve management
    reporting for Dialogue Intelligence.


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Empower Mobile Agents

Bridg CRM is perfect for Field Sales and Service representatives to ensure they have the relevant information they need from their CRM system to deliver outstanding service regardless of their location and on any iOS or Android device.

Mobile agents gain access to valuable CRM data for customer details, sales and case information. Agents can easily transfer calls to other agents, skill groups, or subject matter experts to ensure customer issues are dealt with quickly and with a minimum of unnecessary dialogues.

Information is Power

The Bridg CRM application provides mobile agents with visibility of the key dialogue and contact center metrics needed to take corrective action when performance issues arise.

The embedded Anywhere365 Timeline gives the agent a complete history of the customer journey of any dialogue. Agents can classify dialogues for management reporting and analysis.

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