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December 11, 2016

Privacy is a high priority to us So says Customer Contact Centre Team Manager Sabine Sammelius of BKR in Tiel. And that’s very normal in the financial world.

The story

Notes from WORKSTREAMPEOPLE about deployed solution

BKR uses Skype for Business as the solution to internal and external communications. To ensure its service is efficient and customer-oriented, BKR uses Anywhere365 to add call-centre and smart-routing functionalities to Skype for Business. Furthermore Anywhere365 Dialogue Intelligence gives BKR greater insight into Customer Experience, Agent Performance, Organizational Availability and Future Intelligence.

Incoming calls are allocated on the basis of the availability and expertise of the staff. It is also possible for BKR to automatically couple callers who have called recently, directly with the same agent they talked to before. This is good for customer satisfaction and keeps conversations shorter.

To further keep call times down and deal with the caller even more efficiently, information about the caller can be displayed to the agent directly from the back-office system. A time-line can also be displayed that shows the details of previous contact moments with the caller.

Anywhere365 offers BKR the option of routing webchats and social media messages to the agent’s Skype for Business client. This gives agents a uniform information-rich and user-friendly tool to call and chat with customers. Not only does this provide BKR with greater efficiency and higher customer-satisfaction levels, but also gives them a treasure trove of information regarding communication patterns in the organisation.

Article as published in Customerfirst magazine​

Central Credit Information System

Privacy is a high priority to us Promoting financial well-being with secure and trustworthy information – that’s the goal of Bureau Krediet Registratie (BKR, the Dutch Credit Registration Agency) in Tiel. The independent foundation fulfils an important societal task. If a customer requests a loan, lenders consult the Centraal Krediet Informatiesysteem (CKI, the Dutch Central Credit Information System) that BKR manages. This contains information about all loan contracts entered, complete with any arrears. The potential lender uses this information to evaluate whether the requested loan can be granted responsibly. Some nine million Dutch citizens are registered in the CKI. “Around 90% of these meet their payment obligations on time”, Sammelius assures us.


People absolutely don’t want information about their finances, or lack thereof, published for all to see. For that reason, employees sign a confidentiality agreement when they enter employment at BKR. “That’s standard practice in the financial world”, confirms Sammelius. They must also submit an official declaration of irreproachable conduct.

Permanent contract

Fortunately many personnel in the customer contact centre have a permanent contract. “Owing to the nature of the data, such an organisation wants to prevent too many changes of staff. That’s why we prefer to offer our agents a permanent contract.” She refers to her time at NRC Handelsblad. “Most of my staff there were on short-term contracts, but in this line of business we really want to avoid that.”

Trusted data

Organisations that issue loans, such as banks, mortgage companies, private lease organisations, postal-order and credit-card companies, are legally obliged to submit their lending data to BKR. “We manage The data in a secure and transparent way. Only consumers and lenders with the requisite authority have access to this information. Privacy is a high priority to us”, Sammelius explained. BKR is extremely fastidious. The company therefore complies with the most stringent standards in the area of privacy and data security. “We use only trusted data. Data you really can trust.”


The contact centre has two types of customer: commercial clients and consumers. A business call is mostly of a technical character. “It’ll concern a question about software or a system alert, for instance.” As a technical helpdesk, the contact centre agent offers advice. If they are unable to tackle the problem together, then the agent forwards the matter to the second line. “Technical specialists there then delve deeper into the material.”

Credit overview

Consumer calls on the other hand mainly concern information regarding content. “Consumers request explanations relating to their requested credit overview, for example.” The contact centre agents that serve consumers need to show a great deal of empathy. Callers are sometimes very emotional, and often regurgitate masses of information in short order once they’ve got BKR on the line. “We help them by providing an explanation of their credit overview.

We also clarify to the consumer what action they can take to restore incorrect registrations stemming from the lender, and of course answer all their other questions. We often have to reassure them, too.” After all, a registration at the BKR is usually nothing to worry about. In 91% of cases it’s simply a positive registration in the CKI.

Facts & figures

  • 14 personnel, 11 FTE
  • Sometimes flex-workers
  • Average age: 38 years
  • Per month 1,300 calls and 400 e-mails from consumers, and 250 calls and 250 mails commercial
  • Peak times for consumers: Lunch time and from 15.00 hours
  • Opening times from 08.30 to 17.00 hours.


Social media

She characterises her customers. 75% of the contacts are via the phone and 23% via the mail. Social media plays only a limited role, at 2%. The material is less suitable for that medium, given the privacy aspects. “In such cases, we immediately switch to private messages.”

Source: CustomerFirst

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