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The Netherlands / Turkey

November 20, 2016

Corendon was founded in 2000 and has since grown to become a leading touroperator with more than €500 million in revenue by servicing the travel needs of over 2,5 million passengers each year. Corendon has their own fleet of airplanes which provide direct access to top destinations in and outside Europe.

The story

The challenge

The Corendon telephone system was outdated and did not match with Corendon’s accelerating growth and future ambitions. Martin de Boer, Corendon Marketing Director: “The telephone system we used was inflexible and expensive. Changes were hard to implement and took too long. ICT became the bottleneck for innovation.” Market analysis showed that traditional online browsing was steadily declining in favour of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets: “The customer journey clearly changes. Customers pick and choose their holidays day or night, on the couch, with the whole family, or with friends in the pub. Mobile devices have a smaller screen, which makes booking less convenient even with an optimized website. As a result, we saw an increase in calls to our customer contact center. We needed an intelligent, scalable, flexible and future proof dialogue management contact center platform, which would also facilitate the development of apps on smartdevices that are fully integrated with our customer contact center.”

The solution

Developed by Workstreampeople, the Anywhere 365 Contact Center and Dialogue Management Platform was implemented together with Skype for Business: “All our employees can now use presence, chat, voice, video and desktopsharing. They have insight in CRM data that is automatically enriching customer conversations and in the customer’s browser history, so that they can trace back what the customer has searched for, which provides better customer interactions and creates upselling opportunities. Anywhere365 WebChat ensures that the customer is instantly directed to an available employee with the right skillset. If so desired, the agent has the discretion to add voice or video capabilities, straight in the webchat client.”

Functionalities that were enabled include smart agent routing, supervisor rolls, silent whispering, voice recording, reporting services and wallboards: “Wallboards and supervisor tools give us realtime insight in the performance of our customer contact center.” Recently the Corendon app was launched. Customers have access to their bookings and can use the app to select a new holiday: “When customers have made their choice they can confirm their booking by live chat, call-me-back and internet calling options.”, all managed on the background by Anywhere365.


  • Scalable and flexible system with unlimited growth capabilities
  • Omnichannel solution with support for all modalities: voice, video, call-me-back, chat, webchat, internet calling, email, social media
  • Organisational changes no longer depend on ICT
  • More efficiency with a clear total cost of ownership
  • Improved analytics and reporting

The Anywhere365 platform delivered exactly the innovative omnichannel solution Corendon was looking for: “We now have one communication platform that dynamically helps to provide the best customer-agent experience and is scalable so to stay on par with our international growth ambitions.”


“At Corendon we highly value long term relationships and direct contact with our partners. We have been working successfully with Workstreampeople for a long time and value their commitment to maximizing the value of the Anywhere365 platform for Corendon. It is great to work with the versatile and robust Anywhere365 platform that is backed by a partner that acts immediately and delivers as agreed and on time. We look forward to working with them on future developments.”

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