Foyer Global Health Sets a New Standard For Digital CX

Foyer Global Health

A fully digital international health insurance provider, created by expats for expats.

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Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud, Microsoft Teams


Finance, Insurance



June 28, 2023

You don't have to sacrifice simplicity and efficiency to achieve confidentiality and security. See how Foyer Global Health nailed it, with a Teams-integrated digital communications hub.

The story

Together with our Certified Partner POST; the leading provider of postal and telecom services in Luxembourg, we helped Foyer to rethink their business communications, achieving their vision for an omnichannel Cloud Contact Center. With all of Foyer’s customer, partner and broker conversations taking place online, it was vital for the solution to be completely cloud-based.  

A seamless collaboration 

Priding themselves on a portfolio that extends to over 200 countries across 5 continents, supplying a personal service was crucial for Foyer. Thus, addressing customers in their preferred language was non-negotiable and the multi-lingual service of Anywhere365 proved to be invaluable.   

Being natively integrated with MS Teams, at Anywhere365, we create the capacity to support customers across any channel, anytime, anywhere. This went hand-in-hand with the new digital workspace Foyer was already utilizing: Office 365 and MS Teams. For Foyer, it was important to provide a service which continued to help them deliver a high-value customer experience, whilst minimizing interruption to team productivity.  

With Anywhere365, keeping all communications in one unified system is a breeze and this allowed Foyer to maintain their digital architecture and core systems, laying the foundation for a seamless collaboration.  

By partnering with Anywhere365 and POST, Foyer were able to concentrate on their area of expertise: providing health services and insurance for people in the most challenging times, whenever and wherever they need it, whilst we were able to do what we do best: helping businesses to create impact in every single dialogue that they have.  

Just like Foyer, we don’t want our customers to be limited by their geographical location or time zone and with our solution, we enable them to be available for their clients anywhere, 365 days a year.  

Check out our video with Foyer to experience the perfect partnership yourself!

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