Mazda Saved $1.8M Moving Their Contact Center to Anywhere365


See how migrating their contact center to Anywhere365 saved Mazda an incredible $1.8M USD while improving customer experiences.

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April 21, 2023

Mazda North American Operations migrated their contact center solutions from outdated legacy systems to Anywhere365 on top of Microsoft Teams. They chose Anywhere365 based on their advanced feature set and their full and native use of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Read on below to learn more about the stunning results.

The story

Initially, the automotive manufacturer planned to only move their call centers that weren’t integrated with their CRM system. However, Anywhere365’s seamless CRM integration options made it easy to extend that scope and deliver additional results.

A-Team All The Way

According to Deidre Baggett, Project Manager IT Support, Mazda completed the transition in two stages, first moving their phone system to Teams Dialing and then enrich that environment with the certified and native-to-Teams solutions from Anywhere365. To this end they chose to work with our partner Resonate, due to their technical expertise and highly-qualified team.

The Challenge for Mazda

Baggett and her team first created a 5-year plan for their telecoms, with the goal to bring their customer service infrastructure back in-house to help control cost and performance. Mazda needed a solution that could deliver at least like-for-like capabilities from day one. Anywhere365 was selected as the best option from a feature perspective, as well as the opportunity to utilize the wider investment that Mazda had already made in the Microsoft ecosystem.

“Resonate’s expertise and the features unlocked by Anywhere365’s Dialogue Studio tool enabled an enhanced scope to also bring in integration with their legacy CRM, and allows for future digital omnichannel features.

Results: Improved CX with 1.8M USD in Net Savings

Baggett said the choice for Anywhere365 has significantly improved customer experience as it enables Mazda to move to a more ‘human’ model. “Subject Matter Experts can now work with a native-to-Teams solution to offer customers a range of seamless digital contact options. The integration of the legacy CRM enabled us to bring even more reps online. And we already have a scope for further improvements, enhance capabilities around omnichannel and voice recognition. All in all the implementation of Anywhere365 has resulted in a net saving of $1.8M USD.”

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