Synopsis Episode 10 from SkypeShow - Anywhere365®

Synopsis Episode 10 from SkypeShow

Anywhere365 demo

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October 5, 2016

Synopsis Episode 10 from SkypeShow – Anywhere365 demo

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Synopsis Episode 10 from SkypeShow – Anywhere365 demo

In Episode 10 we are delighted to welcome Iain Smith, an Office Servers and Services MVP on the show who talks about the new Skype for Mac client and the cool features coming with that at the end of the month.

Matthijs van Domselaar from Workstreampeople and Graham Hosking from Microsoft UK joined us to show off Anywhere 365 and Skype for Business Online voice and contact center interoperability and also some good information on calling plans and migrations to Cloud PBX.

Followed by a quick round up of all the Skype for Business announcements from Microsoft Ignite and also a huge announcement with regard to The Skype Show.

Most recent customer success

“We had many different products being from various partners who could all make or break the availability of our service, but together they didn’t make a consolidated whole.” said Ronald Majoor, Senior Vice President of IT Infrastructure. The company chose Anywhere365 as a unified, cohesive communications platform that would bring everything together under one umbrella and phase out their legacy systems.

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Dutch scale up Tony’s Chocolonely grew out of a journalist’s exposé of child slave labor in the cocoa industry and his dream of making the chocolate trade slavery-free. The Amsterdam-based company grew quickly, but its original collaboration apps didn’t support its international expansion or its work-life balance ideals. Tony’s Chocolonely found the best way for employees to work together, thanks to Microsoft Teams with Vodafone Calling in Microsoft Office 365. For the Tony’s team, its suppliers, and its “chocofans” and West African partners, it’s all about building real and transparent relationships.

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My Food Bag is the brain child of Founders & Group Co-CEOs Cecilia and James Robinson. The Robinson duo, former Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung and celebrity chef Nadia Lim with husband Carlos Bagrie launched My Food Bag in March 2013.

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SWAROVSKI – Unified Communication using Microsoft Lync & Anywhere365 Contact Centre

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