Partnering for excellence

Partnering for excellence

Streamlining business communications for the world-renowned University of Cape Town.

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November 17, 2023

Rated the best university in Africa and one of the best in the world, the University of Cape Town consists of exceptionally talented students, teachers and researchers; not forgetting the wide range of professional, administrative support and service staff – all of whom are committed to helping change this world for the better. With over 35,000 students and staff to service, optimizing communications was crucial for UCT.

The story

A shared vision

UCT’s journey with Anywhere365 and Galdon Data began over 5 years ago. What started out as 3 humble contact centers rapidly expanded to 40+ in just a few years. With the help of Galdon, UCT were able to migrate from their on-premise setup to a futureproof cloud solution, seamlessly integrated with MS Teams.

With some guidance from Anywhere365 and Galdon, UCT were able to deploy and maintain various contact centers, whilst simultaneously growing the technical capabilities of their own team.


Why Anywhere365?

According to UCT, the ease and speed in deploying the Anywhere365 solution are crucial factors in the success of this partnership.


Team(s) work makes the dream work

Anywhere365 is natively integrated with Microsoft Teams to engage people across any channel, from anywhere, at any time.

Our collaboration empowers UCT to leverage their existing investments whilst providing cutting edge technology in their various contact centers within the business.


Most recent customer success

You don't have to sacrifice simplicity and efficiency to achieve confidentiality and security. See how Foyer Global Health nailed it, with a Teams-integrated digital communications hub.

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Mazda North American Operations migrated their contact center solutions from outdated legacy systems to Anywhere365 on top of Microsoft Teams. They chose Anywhere365 based on their advanced feature set and their full and native use of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Read on below to learn more about the stunning results.

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View this short video to discover how AFAS leveraged our low code Dialogue Studio to automate customer support interactions, achieve greater workforce collaboration and superior customer experiences with Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud.

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Dutch scale up Tony’s Chocolonely grew out of a journalist’s exposé of child slave labor in the cocoa industry and his dream of making the chocolate trade slavery-free. The Amsterdam-based company grew quickly, but its original collaboration apps didn’t support its international expansion or its work-life balance ideals. Tony’s Chocolonely found the best way for employees to work together, thanks to Microsoft Teams with Vodafone Calling in Microsoft Office 365. For the Tony’s team, its suppliers, and its “chocofans” and West African partners, it’s all about building real and transparent relationships.

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