Certifications: ISO27001 & NEN7510 | Anywhere365

ISO27001 & NEN7510

Anywhere365 is ISO27001 & NEN7510 certified, ensuring the safety of your data. We follow the highest international standards for information security best practice and our data protection measurements are regularly assessed by an independent expert.

ISO27001 – State of the Art Security

ISO27001 is the worldwide standard for the security of your data. We have proved to take the highest control measures to guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data. The certification shows that we have an excellent data security strategy but, more importantly, also have implemented a state of the art and independently assessed security management workflow in place.

NEN7510 – Extra Data Protection Measurements

NEN is a data protection standard developed by the Dutch Standardization Institute for information security in the healthcare sector. The basis is exactly the same as ISO27001, but NEN7510 holds some extra control measures compared to ISO 27001, specifically for business that process personal health information (not necessarily health care organizations).

Seamless Integration with The Most Essential Business Tools

Anywhere365 is developed with information sharing in mind. Therefore, it is possible to create an interface between a UCC and any other system.

Bullhorn Contact Center Integration

Anywhere365 for Bullhorn

Is your company using Bullhorn CRM for candidate tracking? Anywhere365® deeply integrates into Bullhorn for tailored candidate communication, by AI bots as well as your workforce.

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Anywhere365 for SAP C4C

Is your entire contact center working from home? Our WebAgent docks your SAP C4C client to Microsoft Teams. Users receive and send dialogues, access CRM data, and monitor service levels in a single pane of glass.

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Anywhere365 for Microsoft Teams

Improve workforce efficiency and personalize the customer experience by giving users the communications, CRM and collaboration tools within their trusted Teams client.

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Anywhere365 for ServiceNow

From their ServiceNow client agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video and have the customer information automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record.

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Anywhere365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Nested inside the Dynamics 365 interface, WebAgent provides users with cloud-based omni-channel contact center functionality without having to move between applications.

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Anywhere365 for Salesforce

Let field sales and service agents excel at their work from home! Make Salesforce an omnichannel dialogue management and cloud contact center for Microsoft Teams.

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