Automatical Call Distributor

There are different strategies to connect a caller to a call agent automatically (so called automatic call distributor (ACD) strategies). With Anywhere365 it is possible to choose your own ACD strategy.

(1) Longest Idle – Agent that is idle for the longest period.

(2) Longest Available – Agent that is available for the longest period.

(3) Round Robin – Agent that accepted the least calls.

(4) Serial – Agent based on an ordered list.

(5) Least Calls – Agent that has handled the least calls today.

(6) Least Occupied – Agent that has the lowest handle time.

(6) Parallel – All Agents

(7) Last Agent – Last Agent that had a call with the customer.

(8) Forward to Mobile – Redirect the conversation using the Routing Settings

(9) Countdown – Expand the group based on Skill score and time

(10) Availability – Route the conversation based on Agent availability.

* Please note that for some features a specific license type and/or additional licenses may apply.