Machine Learning Based Routing

When offering a webchat dialogue to your customers, you want your customer to get to the right person as fast as possible. An organization contains employees with a variety of skillsets and routing the customer appropriately can be done by a human distribution (first analyzing the question and then forwarding to the specialist) or let the customer make a selection from a menu to get to the right person. In both cases this can lead to unnecessary dialogue or making it complex and customer unfriendly.

Specific information about the webchat dialogue is already being collected.

  • Chat Transcript
  • Initial Agent
  • Skill Chosen
  • Classification

If you combine this with Machine Learning, you can predict with a certain amount of probability what the correct Skill or the preferred agent should be. You can then route the conversation to the right destination based on the customer’s input. Eliminating the need for an unnecessary menu or a whole team of operators just routing the customers. Reducing unnecessary dialogues and frees up resources.

* Please note that for some features a specific license type and/or additional licenses may apply.