Anywhere365 supports a Routing table in the SharePoint settings. With this table it is possible to regulate, based on a regular expression the number(s) to a specific skill. With this feature you are able to route specific numbers or number plans to specific skills. This feature can be used together with a SharePoint workflow, or an Anywhere635 Timer Job, to schedule a specific situation when specific routing can work. Example: If you expect a customer to call, you would like to route that customer only, based on LineURI of SIP address to a VIP skill. Routing can be managed in the Routing library.

In each line in the Routing a Match criteria can be set, following the order the Match lines will be used. When there is a match, the address will be forwarded to either the Skill or the Parent Question. When forwarded to a Skill the caller will directly enter the queue. When forward is to a Parent Question, the customer will enter the IVR at that point. Since the Skill can be a forward skill too, Anywhere365 is able to redirect a call from a specific number directly to another outbound number like mobile, SIP or PSTN.

* Please note that for some features a specific license type and/or additional licenses may apply.