Bullhorn Contact Center Integrations | Anywhere365®

Drive Great Dialogues With Your Bullhorn Data

Use Bullhorn CRM for candidate tracking? Use that data to create data driven dialogues. Anywhere365® deeply integrates into Bullhorn for tailored candidate communication. Across any voice or text channels, such as WhatsApp, email and social media.

Increased Workstream Productivity

Design your own automated AI voice bot and chat bot dialogues and only route more complex ones to help desk agents.

Improved Candidate Experience

Manages interactions over the entire candidate journey; ensuring resolution the first time they reach out.

Work from Anywhere

Extend Anywhere365® and Bullhorn to remote office or work-at-home agents, consultants and knowledge workers.

Data-driven candidate experience

Our AI bots – fully informed by your Bullhorn data – facilitate the Shift Left Strategy. They reduce unnecessary dialogues by automated answering of routine questions. Route more complex dialogues to live agents, based on skills, geography, CRM data, and many more. Even to their mobile PSTN numbers.

The data will be stored in Bullhorn instead of locally on the agent’s device. The context and history of the dialogue comes together in Anywhere365® Timeline and always moves with the candidates. Serving every candidate with the best experiences.

Automate Candidate Experience with  Data

Automate these dialogues with our no code Dialogue Studio. Anyone with the right permissions can design and publish automated flows, simply by dragging and dropping nodes without codes to an intuitive canvas.

Other integrations

Anywhere365 for SAP C4C

Is your entire contact center working from home? Our WebAgent docks your SAP C4C client to Microsoft Teams. Users receive and send dialogues, access CRM data, and monitor service levels in a single pane of glass.

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Anywhere365 for Microsoft Teams

Improve workforce efficiency and personalize the customer experience by giving users the communications, CRM and collaboration tools within their trusted Teams client.

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Anywhere365 for ServiceNow

From their ServiceNow client agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video and have the customer information automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record.

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Anywhere365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Nested inside the Dynamics 365 interface, WebAgent provides users with cloud-based omni-channel contact center functionality without having to move between applications.

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Anywhere365 for Salesforce

Let field sales and service agents excel at their work from home! Make Salesforce an omnichannel dialogue management and cloud contact center for Microsoft Teams.

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