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Anywhere365 AI-enabled Integrated Voice and Chat Response

Gain a competitive advantage with intuitive self-service solutions that delight customers and increase efficiency.

Anywhere365 IVR and ICR (Integrated Chat Response) combine with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to provide your customers with fast, personalized and convenient omnichannel self-service options.

Flexible and extensible

Anywhere365 omnichannel self-service solutions are simple to deploy and offer personalized customer service with intuitive menus and integrations to Azure Cognitive Services and over 30 CRM systems.

Empower your customers

Allow your customers to process routine interactions like account inquiries and bill payments themselves whenever its convenient and without having to wait for a live agent.

Improve your bottom line

Control costs and maximize upsell opportunities by automating common customer interactions and leaving the complex and high-value dialogues for your live agents.

AI-enabled IVR/ICR

With Anywhere365 IVR and ICR (Integrated Chat Response) you can route calls/chats based on speech recognition, DTMF or text input and interact with flexible and easy to manage menus. Azure Cognitive Services provide real-time language detection for speech in 11 languages and chat translation in 60 different languages.

Personalize the customer experience

With integrations to over 30 CRM systems, Anywhere365 self-service solutions provide customers with interactive access to their account information and can prioritize and process their interactions based on their value to your company.

Quickly respond to changing business priorities

Intuitive, easy to use menus give users greater control over Anywhere365 IVR/ICR applications to make quick updates and changes. With drag-and-drop or point-and-click selections, updates are made in seconds, including creating menus and prompts for holidays, emergency messages, new business units, etc.

Drive satisfaction and long term loyalty

Anywhere365 helps you manage the Total Customer Experience, from initial contact to final resolution, over your entire enterprise. Providing customers with personalized service over the channel of their choice is a key driver of customer loyalty and provides competitive immunity for your business.

Dialogue Intelligence for Power BI

Gain a competitive advantage by giving your business a holistic view of the entire customer experience

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No Code Dialogue Studio

Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio is a no code tool for designing and programming customer dialogue flows

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Reporting & Dialogue Intelligence

Gain a competitive advantage by giving your business a holistic view of the entire customer experience

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Web Wallboard

The RealTime Wallboard visualizes the state of a UCC.

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Inflight Snapper

The Inflight Snapper provides everything you need to become an UCC Agent or Supervisor, wherever you are. Extend the Skype for Bus

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Real-time Wallboard

The RealTime Web Wallboard visualizes the state of a UCC.

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The WebAgent improves the Call Management of the Reception.

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