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Anywhere365 Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management is able to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Teams to route calls to Teams powered agents with all the rich features of Anywhere365, such as; Call recording, Real-time Translation, IVR, Supervisor, Reporting, Wallboards and many more.




Route calls based on customers choices or bypass IVR with smart routing

Route calls based on customers choices in the flexible and easy to manage menu. Or bypass the IVR with Smart Routing, based on skill, presence, location, part of the day and other context.


Text-to-Speech IVR
Speech recognition will allow you to build a modern Voice User Interface where callers can interact without the use of their keypad.

Remove global language barriers with Real-time translation

Remove global language barriers by letting Anywhere365’s Virtual Translator enrich voice conversation via powerful real-time translation.

End-to-end Call Recording at every stage of the call

With Anywhere365, it is possible for any diverted or forwarded call to be recorded, even if the conversation leaves the organization, or the original call is transferred to a mobile number, external service or external contact centre. With Anywhere365, it is possible to record calls, end-to end.


Voice storage and access
These calls can be stored as a voice document at any location that can be reached by the Anywhere365 environment. These records can be accessed directly or through the reporting portal.


Anyone is a Contact Center

Anyone within an organization is able to act as its own contact center.

IVR / Automated attendant

Incoming conversations will be forwarded to the appropriate agent.

Smart Routing

Based on skill, location, part of the day and many more routing options.

Contact Center Activity visible

Real-time visibility work item status on a Wallboard to monitor your contact center.

Real-time Reporting

Dialogue intelligence capabilities to extract previously hidden dialogue patterns.

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