Operations Management Toolkit

With the Anywhere365 Management Tool Kit the local administrator
is able to manage the UCC’s with a variety of tools.



With the Anywhere365 Operations Management Toolkit the Application Managers have all the required tools at their disposal to easily manage Anywhere365 UCCs.

It starts with the ability to monitor Key Performance Indicators that provides insight into the current states of UCCs; are they started correctly, is there an active connection with SharePoint/Interceptor/Front-End servers, are Agents signed in, is the Front-End Server responding fast enough etc. These KPIs can be used to setup a Control Room in CRM,

WSCOM, PRTG or any other monitoring tool that you use. By defining Business Rules automatic alerts can be fired, this might be very helpful for Daily Operations.

Furthermore Workstreampeople provides many tools that can be used to automate actions that are common during Daily Operations, e.g. setup Holidays for the entire organization by running a single script; or the Mass Tool to create tens or hundreds of UCCs at once; or simply add a Setting in all UCCs throughout the organization.