Reception Attendant


Meet our bright, smart and colorful Anywhere365 Reception Attendant,
native for Microsoft Skype for Business




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Innovative, intuitive and powerful features you will love,
with the reception experience you deserve


See the customer journey from accepting to forwarding and closing the call


Drag and drop any contact to see the agenda of your colleagues


Chat with multiple contacts simultaneously or start a group conversation, even if you are on a call.

Visual Transfers

Touch based, user friendly and simple quick to learn user interface with drag and drop.


Make notes during a call, saving them or sending the notes immediately via email or other media.

Braille Ready

The Anywhere365 has an input device ready for visual impaired people (braille).


A fun, but also a functional feature to always look representative which uses a (integrated) web cam.

The client history on a timeline

You can see, when the caller has called and with who he or she has spoken that day/time. Also the path is visible, from accepting to forwarding and closing the call.

Anywhere365 Reception Attendant acts as a natural extension to people’s intuitive way of engaging with others

Legacy systems that rely solely on PBX based phone communications with a separate system to manage electronic communications, do not longer satisfy the requirements of the current generation of users. Clients expect to interact with organizations when it fits their schedule, from wherever they are, using any type of device, via a communication channel of their choosing.

Developed from a user friendly perspective, and support all features that a reception needs

Queue, visual transfers, drag/drop, swipe or touch (Windows tablet version). Furthermore Exchange Calendar integration for availability. Also transfers can be made to groups (UCC’s) in order to make, ‘functional transfers’ possible if the Anywhere365 UCC platform is available for departments and functional groups.

Anywhere365 Reception Attendant even speaks your language

Available now in 8 languages, e.g. English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish.​

Key value

  • Modern Look and feel
  • Advanced UC Functionalilty
  • Contextual Intelligence
  • (Multi) Queue Management
  • Dialogue Intelligence
  • Multi Language support

Call Information

  • Previous and Frequent contacts
  • Call and transfer history
  • Missed calls

Incoming calls

  • UCC Queue
  • Onhold calls
  • Call toast


  • Frequent contacts
  • Groups
  • Addressbook

Extended features

  • Planner
  • Visitors
  • Call recording