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June 7, 2022

Anywhere365 lets SMBs purchase Attendant Console directly in Microsoft Teams App Store

, June 7, 2022

Anywhere365® have expanded their global relationship with Microsoft for SMB organizations. Anywhere365 is a launching partner for Microsoft’s Teams ISV app monetization capabilities and now provides its Attendant Console directly as a native app on the Teams App Store.

Human-centered Solution

This strategy accelerates companies who want to do business with impactful, human-centered solutions on top of their Microsoft 365 license. The streamlined buying process and a seamless experience, with a modern user interface and easy-to-use widgets, make it easier for small and medium businesses to add native-to-Teams communication capabilities on top of their existing investments in Microsoft 365.

Businesses extending the Attendant Console to their receptionists and other phone operators will enjoy simplified management and maintenance of telephony, centralized expertise, high adoption rates and reduced total cost of ownership of their communications infrastructure. Features include transfers, contact notes, call-back reminders, queue management and calendar integrations – Teams is the single presence system.

Rich Communication Features

Enrico Karsten, Managing Director, Anywhere365: “We have built this solution with the operator in mind, to minimize time-wasting and to secure optimal experiences on both ends of the line. I am confident that this milestone in our relationship with Microsoft, which goes back over a decade, will bring significant value to SMBs, looking for rich communication features within the Microsoft Teams client of a phone operator or receptionist.”

A Seamless Journey within Microsoft Teams

“We are happy to see Anywhere365 creating easy access to communication capabilities within Microsoft Teams for SMBs who don’t need – or can’t afford – extensive contact center functionality,” said Suzanna Zhuang, Director Modern Work Teams & Platform, Microsoft. “By delivering their Teams-native Attendant Console directly via Microsoft AppSource, Anywhere365 shows that they are helping both medium and smaller businesses to create a seamless journey within their trusted and user-friendly Teams client.”

Larger enterprises looking to purchase from Anywhere365 more than 20 Attendant Console licenses can buy those through Anywhere365’s strong global partner network.