Contact Center Reporting & Dialogue Intelligence - Anywhere365®

Contact Center Reporting & Dialogue Intelligence

Anywhere365 features robust and comprehensive contact center reporting and analysis tools that manage the complexity and optimize the performance of your omnichannel environment.

Powerful and actionable business intelligence

Focus on the KPI’s that will positively impact business workflows, improve customer service and streamline operations with comprehensive business intelligence tools.

Map the entire customer journey

Anywhere365 manages and reports on customer dialogues from initial contact to final resolution across the entire enterprise, not just the contact center.

Constantly improve customer service

Record, measure and analyze agent performance and effectiveness, and benchmark them against their peers to continually improve customer service.

Contact Center Reporting and Realtime Management

Historical contact center reporting and real-time Wallboards monitor customer service operations and identify service affecting issues at every touchpoint in the omnichannel customer journey. Web-based Wallboards enable ongoing visibility into call center performance from anywhere and on any device. Anywhere365 gives your contact center supervisors the information they need to meet service levels and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Deep Dive Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI tools combine with advanced Anywhere365 data for drill-down analysis and actionable business intelligence. Build custom dashboards and zoom from a global to granular view of Anywhere365 data for your specific business intelligence needs. Most importantly, non-technical end-users can easily customize dashboards to deliver exactly the information they need.

Advanced Timeline

The Timeline feature provides a visual record of all the contact moments associated with a customer dialogue: from initial interactions with an IVR, Bot, queue, agents or employees, and on to final resolution. Anywhere365 combines the Timeline with CRM data, adding contextual intelligence to the dialogue that is extended to the entire enterprise, giving everyone a complete view of the customer’s experience.


Use historical performance data to create “what-if” scenarios of agent requirements to maintain desired service levels should traffic volumes fluctuate. Plan for future campaigns, holidays or busy periods. Ensuring properly allocated resources positively affects the customer experience—and your bottom line.

Contact Center Recording and Quality Monitoring

Record inbound, outbound and internal calls and chats. Tag and automatically log recordings and transcripts in your reports and CRM systems for agent coaching, quality monitoring and compliance purposes. With the Speech to Text integration, the dialogue transcript can be written back automatically to your CRM system. The Screen Recording feature provides a full record of the interaction between agents and callers and stores the record in SharePoint for easy access and playback.

Workforce Management and Integrations

Anywhere365 Workforce Management (WFM) provides supervisors with the tools to record calls and use Surveys to rate agents for Quality Monitoring purposes. Supervisors can listen to, whisper and barge in on calls for training purposes or to immediately mitigate customer issues. Anywhere365 also provides integrations to popular 3rd party WFM systems including Verint, Injixo, Nice and CCMath.

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