App the Expert

The electronic store Inflight Enterprises makes customer contact as easy as possible. A lot of their customers want to directly contact experts, without going through a complex IVR menu’s or look for information up on their website. Therefore, Inflight Enterprises launched the App the Expert service. This service enables customers to simply send a WhatsApp message that is passed on to an available Agent.

An addition to the App the Expert feature is Location Based Selection. When a customer is in the store, he or she should be able to ask for more information, preferable from a nearby employee. To achieve this Inflight Enterprises added their store employee’s, including their location, as Agents of their contact center. After all, these employees have all the in-store product information and can best assist the customer.


The Inflight Enterprises contact center contains of a group of Agents in their head office and a group of Agent employees at each of their locations. Originally the head office Agents handled all the contact center dialogue and the store employees attended to the customers in their store. With the new setup, store employees also act as Agents and receive WhatsApp messages, preferably concerning their location.


WhatsApp from anywhere

Mike Evans just watched the Inflight Enterprises commercial and wants some extra information about the new Robot Vacuum, without actually calling the contact center. He sends a WhatsApp message to Inflight’s main phone number to be connected to an available Agent.

Elena Watson, an expert on Robot Vacuums is available. Therefore she will receive a toast on her Microsoft Teams/SFB client to start the chat with Mike.

WhatsApp on location

Robert Peters is standing in front of a smart TV in the Inflight store in Bracknell (UK) and wants some additional information. He sends a WhatsApp message to the phone number of Inflight Enterprises in Bracknell, the contact center software will search for the nearest available Agent. At that moment Mickey Reynolds, an expert on smart TVs, located in the electronic store stockroom receives a message on his Microsoft Teams/SFB Mobile client from the contact center software connecting him to the potential customer in the store.

Customer Experience

After Mike sends his text using WhatsApp, he will experience something like this: