A municipality in the south of the country is focused on providing maximal support to the customers. Therefore, they decided to start using the Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center (UCC) in combination with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Today this organization has over 10 departments and more than 150 employees. Every department has its own UCC This scenario describes the steps taken by Inflight Enterprises to optimize their Anywhere365 UCC for the reception desk and the two of the departments, civil- and public affairs.



Charlotte Valencia and Melissa Simmons are responsible for accepting and forwarding incoming calls at the reception desk. There is no IVR because Inflight Enterprises wants to service their customers personally. They make use of Skills in order to forward calls to a department instead of a single person, this has great advantages:

  1. When a person is unavailable, it remains possible to forward the call.
  2. When a transferred call is not answered, the call falls back to the next available agent instead of to the front desk.
  3. No single person will be overloaded with calls, the front desk used to transfer the call to the first name on the department list

Not only external calls, but also calls from within the organization will be handled by the reception. In this scenario, managers have a special “hot line” number which they can use to make priority calls and skip the queue.