Support Desk

Inflight Enterprises is a company selling hardware and software and provides support to users of these products. In order to extend the availability of the support desk for customers, Inflight decided to start using the Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center (UCC) in combination with their existing Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform. Today the support organization consists of 1 manager and 3 support desks (sales, hardware, and software), each with 2 employees that work on a central contact center.

This scenario describes the steps taken by Inflight Enterprises to optimize their Anywhere365 UCC for this situation.



  •  In order to get forwarded to the right support desk (sales, hardware or software) an IVR is used.
  •  Terry Sneider, the manager, is not part of the contact center, but should be available for the sales support desk, as second-line advisor.  He should be able to listen to conversations, both real time as well as offline.
  •  Also, calls from the software- and hardware support desk that cannot be answered will be forwarded to a supplier of SystemHelp.
  •  In case there are too many customers waiting in the queue, these customers have the possibility to leave a voicemail.
  •  Terry Sneider is available outside business hours (between 18:00 PM and 9:00 AM) in case of emergency.