Team Variation

Insurance company Inflight Enterprises aims for direct communication with their clients. Therefore they implemented the Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center (UCC) in combination with Skype for Business Microsoft Teams. Today the organization has three different departments, consisting of three different teams with two agents each. Every department has its own UCC.

This scenario describes the steps taken by the department Life & Health of to optimize their availability.




  • Every team leader is allowed to organize the team’s accessibility, but there are some ground rules. First of all each team should by default be accessible by means of the IVR. Based on the caller’s choice the call is transferred to a team member based on availability and skill.
  • Next to the IVR traffic, each team has its own direct phone number. How these calls will be distributed among the team members can be decided by the team leader.


  • Malia Valenzuela, team leader of team 1, wants to receive all incoming calls from the direct phone number. Only if he is not available the calls should be forwarded to one of its team members in an ordered sequence (serial-hunting).


  • The team leader of team 2, Terry Sneider, also wants to receive all incoming direct calls. However, if she is not available the call should be forwarded to any available team member based on who is longest idle.

  • The third team leader, Melissa Simmons, thinks the distribution of the direct calls should function the same way as with the IVR. So any available agent should receive the call.