Optimize Work Management

Since Anywhere365 was developed within the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform, it is aware of the
presence of your users, the device capabilities, the location, the skills and all other relevant information
needed to fulfil the service and quality promise to your customers and your business.

In addition to Work Management as part of Dialogue Management, we also deliver the information related to the Dialogue (or Work Item), based on your back office, CRM or databases in your company. Anywhere365 runs on premise, within your company, so all proprietary information stays or goes where you want it to go. By using Anywhere365 instead of a traditional workflow system, there is no longer an outdated process to allocate items and tasks simply into work bins or emails send. Anywhere365 delivers
the real time process management of work management and overview of work and productivity at any moment. Anywhere365 knows in real-time if a person is available, what their skills are, if wrap up time or process time is needed and so on. Since the whole process is part of Dialogue Intelligence, every step of the process is visible to extract previously hidden process patterns.

Key differentiators

Real-time reporting

Real-time and historical reporting using data mining techniques, enabling comprehensive Business Intelligence.

Real-time Wallboard

Provides real-time visibility into work item status on a Wallboard.

Deliver work items

Deliver work items to team members and groups of people within your company, or extend your work management with partners and even customers based on federation.​

Work Management

Work Management based on Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business for all kind of content – real time voice included.

Skill based routing

Distributes the right work to the right person, based on skill, presence, location, part of the day etc.

Skype toast

Provides the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business toast to deliver the work activity​.