Anywhere365 has the following integrations available.



Anywhere365 is developed with information  sharing in mind. Therefore, it is possible to create an interface between a UCC and any other system.


With our CRM and Back Office extension it is possible to connect to any of your CRM and Back Office services. Most common services are Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Oracle and TopDesk. Since not every company is the same and therefore not using the same services, we are able to provide an extension for any other service that your company might have and that, always for a fixed price.

How to use Anywhere365 Integrations


Scope of the CRM and Backoffice Plugins
The main scope of the plugins is to provide an agent with relevant contextual information during a call and to provide call management options to handle a call more efficient, like immediate access to relevant records in the backoffice system or storing call related information in the backoffice system.

Toast Message
If the plugin will recognize the contact or account to which an incoming phone number belongs, this information will be displayed in the toast message of the Skype for Business Client.


Automated search

  • Automated search for a contact based on the incoming phone number or sip uri in the UCC (or in case of an outbound call, the number of the callee)
  • Automated search for a lead based on the incoming phone number or sip uro in the UCC (optional).
  • Automated search for a case based on the account id and\or contact id of the selected contact (If possible we will try to retrieve all cases on account level)

Manual search
Manually Search a contact or lead based on:

  • Name (first name or last name)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Zip code

Manually search for a case based on:

  • Keywords in the title
  • Keywords in the description
  • Reference Number

Selecting a Contact or Lead
Besides searching for a contact, it is also possible to select the relevant contact. This can be either manually or automated (in case only one relevant record is retrieved).

A selected contact contains the following regular fields:

  • Name (also hyperlink to Dynamics Contact record)
  • Company (also hyperlink to Dynamics Account record)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Contact Type (Contact or Lead)
  • Account Owner

A lead contains the following fields:

  • Name(also hyperlink to Dynamics Lead record)
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Contact Type(Contact or Lead)
  • Account Owner

In case of a selected contact, all relevant recent cases will be retrieved and displayed that belong to the contact or account. A case will be displayed by Name and Create date.

A selected contact will be used in several processes like call registration.

Link to Dynamics records
The Dynamics plugin offers url links to the main entities displayed in the
extension window:

  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Account
  • Case

Besides directly linking to records in CRM Dynamics, the Dynamics plugin also provides a link to the main contacts page in CRM Dynamics in case an incoming phone number is not recognized as belonging to a contact or lead. The extension window can open the selected contact\lead record automatically in case this is necessary.

Contact Management
Besides searching for a contact or providing links to the contact record in CRM Dynamics., the dynamics plugin offers several other options:

  • If an incoming phone number is from a contact but the phone number is unknown in CRM Dynamics for this contact, then it will be possible to assign the phone number to the contact, provided not all phone number fields are occupied in CRM Dynami cs.
  • Unassign the incoming phone number from a contact.
  • If an incoming phone number is from a caller that is not yet known in CRM Dynamics, then it will be possible to create a new contact. The newly created contact will contain the incoming phone number or sip uri.
  • It is also possible to show the CRM Dynamics contact page directly in the extension window (but this part currently requires a revision). This option requires an extension window with elevated rights.

Missed Call Management
It is possible to register missed calls in CRM Dynamics. This setting is optional:

  • In case a missed call belongs to a known contact or lead, create an activity that contains information about the missed call
  • In case a phone number is not recognized, create a lead that contains information regarding the missed call.

Automated Case creation for incoming calls
This is an optional setting. It is possible to create a case for an incoming call that will register the contact and account from which the call originated (provided that the phone number has been recognized).

Automated registration of chat
In case the Dynamics plugin is used in combination with web chat, it will be possible to register the chat conversation in an activity in CRM Dynamics. If possible the participants belonging to the chat will be stored in the activity. The conversation will also be stored in the activity.




Custom built solutions on request