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Instead of a list of bullet point features, let us explain our product with a real life example.

Scenario 1: City Council Call Queues

  • A citizen calls their local government branch to report a dangerous pothole on the road.
  • Anywhere365 recognizes they are using a mobile phone & presents a voice bot that dynamically suggests an action based on the answer of the citizen.
  • For the pothole, Anywhere365 sends them an SMS to the online portal -- but if it would've been about an emergency, the citizen is immediately connected to an

Scenario 2: Time-Sensitive Factory Emergency

  • An emergency happens at a large factory, and one must immediately contact an emergency response officer. Finding their contact details and explaining the exact
    emergency is massively time-consuming.
  • With Anywhere365, all emergency response officers are notified at once, with the known context of the emergency thanks to sensor-based communication routing
  • This means that no people are needed & time is optimized in a critical situation.

Scenario 3: Education Intelligence & Communicative Power

  • Kirsten studies civil engineering at a large university. In order for her to keep on track for success, she doesn't want to waste her time navigating between 6 different
    self-serve portals.
  • Her university uses Anywhere365 with banner integrations. University staff, processes and technology work together to deliver a convenient, connected and student-centric experience to Kirsten and her fellow students.
  • It makes everyday tasks easier and enables her to focus on great achievements for a bright career future.
  • Anywhere365 adds intelligence and communicative power — from admissions, registration, and curriculum management to advising and assessment.

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Different Scenarios

Scenario 1: Omichannel for IoT Process

Step 1: The sensor sends a message to the driver's Whatsapp, informing about a malfunction of the powertrain of the car. The program asks if he wants to find the nearest dealer.
Step 2: Automatically opens Google Maps, giving the driver directions.
Step 3: The Dealer is getting notified to wait for the car.
Step 4: A confirmation is sent to the customer that the dealer is already informed and is waiting for him.

Scenario 2: Production Safety For Infant Dairy

Safety is key in the production of infant formula. Producers have strict quality demands to comply with and need to notify employees ASAP in case of calamities. Our Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT ensures that employees on the scene get push notifications with required following of protocols. People in (senior) management can be notified through a text message, so they can take measures if needed.

Scenario 3: Alerts With SCADA Floor Maps For A Large Airline

If employees can be all over the world, you still want them to be able to help each other in case of emergencies. A large German airline ensures productivity and safety of personnel with critical alarms on their Alcatel OXE devices. Our Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT enriches the device to give automated alarms, such as man down. It shows the nearest co-workers the exact location and the fastest route to the incident, based on a SCADA floor map.

Scenario 4: Productivity For A Biscuits Factory

The world’s most famous cookies factory needs to stay productive, no matter what. All plant workers have DECT phones from several brands and need to be always attainable. The hardware independent Critical Dialogue Cloud for IoT, manages fire alarms and man down alerts. Every employee can either accept or reject an alarm, which will be logged in a Microsoft Teams channel. This ensures safety and productivity, but also a logged history of the event.

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Discover Core Features of our Product

Seamless Integration with The Most Essential Business Tools

Anywhere365® is developed with information sharing in mind. Therefore, it is possible to create an interface with any other system. We have deep integrations into 30+ CRM, ATS and ITSM systems.

Anywhere365® for

Gartner recognizes our native-to-Teams SAP contact center integration as the powerful tool that turns your SAP C4C into a powerful tool for agents, providing them with cloud-based omnichannel contact center functionality in a single pane of glass.

Anywhere365® for

From their ServiceNow client agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video and have the customer information automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record.

Anywhere365® for

Turn Salesforce into an omnichannel cloud contact center and dialogue management solution for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Office365 Phone System.

Anywhere365® for
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Nested inside the Dynamics 365 interface, WebAgent provides users with cloud-based omni-channel contact center functionality without having to move between applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Microsoft Teams Contact Center?

A Microsoft Teams Contact Center allows omnichannel customer communication through a single pane of glass. Whether they are in the office space or at home. This will lead to a reduction in overhead costs, an increased workforce efficiency, easier insights into the customer lifecycle and an omnichannel customer experience.

How do you optimize Microsoft Teams with Contact Center?

  • The contact center is one of the places with a continued demand for a lifeline for remote work. In July 2020 Gartner wrote a report on the importance of optimizing
    Microsoft Teams with Cloud Contact Center.
  • Gartner sees 3 scenarios for contact center integrations with the Teams platform:
    • Wait for Microsoft to deliver contact center functionality
    • Choose a BASIC Microsoft Teams integration
    • Choose a NATIVE Microsoft Teams integration

What is direct routing for Microsoft Teams?

Direct routing leverages the voice capabilities of Microsoft Teams so that contact center agents and knowledge workers can make and receive calls within Teams. Customers are engaged effortlessly across the communications channels of their choice, while ensuring that the context and history of the dialogue always moves with them. Within Anywhere365 you can route dialogues based on numbers, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data white or black-listing and VIP customer routing.

What is a Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams now has more than 115 million daily active users. The contact center is one of the places with a continued demand for a lifeline for remote work. Now that integrating a contact center solution with Teams is a common need for enterprises, Microsoft Corporation has initiated a Connected Contact Center certification program in May 2020. In January 2021 Anywhere365® was announced the world’s first certified direct routing Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.

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