Anywhere365 - Hello Dialogue, Goodbye Contact Center

Rethink Business Communications with Anywhere365®

Rethink Business Communications with Anywhere365®

Your warehouse of time isn't unlimited, so why don't you rethink your business communications? Anywhere365® is founded on the belief that digital transformation for contact centers is about Dialogue Management.

Leverage your Microsoft Ecosystem to drive customer experiences with all your data, automate service desk dialogues and enhance workforce productivity.

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About Anywhere365®

Anyone within a business can be a Contact Center. That’s why we built the Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud, as a CPaaS platform native to Microsoft Teams. Users will adopt our software very fast, as we use the same platform for workforce collaboration and business communications.

From scratch Anywhere365® was built with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. We continuously invest in improving and developing our solutions, to enable organizations to improve their business results and enhance their operational efficiency. E.g. with our zero code Dialogue Automation platform, Dialogue Studio.

The vision of Anywhere365®

Our Cloud Contact Center solution was born from a vision we’ve had for many years, to reduce all unnecessary dialogues. We can use all the data from all your available sources – even IoT – to make customers part of your business processes, drive a phenomenal omnichannel customer experience and automate dialogues for enhanced productivity. Our software allows our clients to become modern data driven CX companies.

We route dialogues so that the customer receives the right information at the right time, no matter what the location is. Our AI bots – fully informed by your CRM data – answer routine questions. Dialogues that can’t be handled by bots will be routed to live agents, based on skills, geography, CRM data, and many more. The context and history of the dialogues comes together in our Timeline.

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