Reporting & Intelligence

Focus on the KPI’s that will positively impact business workflows, improve customer service and streamline operations. Manage the complexity and optimize the performance of your omnichannel communications environment with comprehensive business intelligence tools.

Powerful and actionable business intelligence

Measure and report beyond the contact center

Constantly improve customer experiences

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Contact Center Reporting and Realtime Management

Monitor customer service operations and identify service affecting issues at every touchpoint in the omnichannel customer journey. Give contact center supervisors the information they need to meet service levels and exceed customer expectations.

Deep Dive Business Intelligence

Combine Power BI with Anywhere365® data for actionable business intelligence from a global or a more granular view.

Advanced Timeline

Easily see all the conversations with a customer: from an IVR, a bot or an agent. And from initial contact to final resolution.

Contextual Intelligence

Combines Timeline with all your available data to add contextual intelligence and understand the full customer experience.


Historical performance data enables you to stop time-wasting and create “what-if” scenarios for holidays or busy periods.

Quality Monitoring

Record and log recordings and transcripts in Sharepoint for agent coaching, quality monitoring and compliance purposes.

Workforce Management

Supervisors can listen to, whisper and barge in on calls for training purposes or to immediately mitigate customer issues.