Helpdesk Solutions

Assisting employees with IT-related problems is crucial in the work-from-anywhere era. We all need a reliable resource to go to with our problems and requests for service. Especially in larger enterprises collaboration between teams can be tricky. Requests can get lost or answers simply take to long. A well-aligned IT helpdesk will create a great employee experience.

Bridge ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams


Is your service desk backed by ITSM software, like ServiceNow? Or Topdesk? Make it an even more powerful omnichannel and single-screen helpdesk solution for agents. Anywhere365® allows you to take the next step and bridge ServiceNow with Microsoft Teams. With all the critical capabilities you need, and more.

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The Benefits of Anywhere365® Helpdesk Solutions

Unify Support Channels

Improve mean time to resolution

Increase Productivity with AI

Knowledge base for self-solving

Automate Helpdesk Dialogues


Why would you talk to an agent to retrieve your password? Voice bots and chat bots are rapidly changing the value of the service desk. Automate simple dialogues to increase agent productivity, shorter queues and faster resolutions for employees so that they too can enhance their productivity.

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CRM Integrations

Do you prefer to let your agents work from another CRM environment? Anywhere365® is a seamless communications bridge between Microsoft Teams and leading CRM packages.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Turn your Dynamics 365 CRM into a powerful omnichannel tool for agents and knowledge workers. Let them work with customers from inside their trusted Dynamics interface.

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Anywhere365® WebAgent is the leading contact center integration, to bridge Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.

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Anywhere365® WebAgent can be nested inside the SAP C4C interface, providing users with cloud-based omnichannel contact center functionality without moving between applications. 

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Let them work from their familiar Applicant Tracking System. Agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video all from within Bullhorn.

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Customer Success Stories

My Food Bag

See How My Food Bag Grew Their Productivity With A Whopping 40%

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Tony's Chocolonely

See how Tony’s Chocolonely saves precious time with Anywhere365® and Microsoft Teams

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See how OGD use Anywhere365® to route incoming calls to the right employee across several Topdesk environments.

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Customer Success Stories