Conversational AI

One of the ways to maximize the value of time in customer dialogues is to start with bots. Conversational AI can help bots to provide the immediate responses that your customers are looking for when they reach out to your customer service team. They can decrease the number of unnecessary dialogues. By letting AI-enabled bots answer the simple answers, you can route more advanced questions to human agents.

How We Enable Conversational AI

You can rely on virtual agents to handle over 25% of inbound conversations with consistency and intelligence. This will reduce business expenses while you go above and beyond customer expectations. AI-powered and data-informed bots will answer most questions. If they can’t, they will warmly hand over to human agents, providing information on the customer’s sentiment and overcoming language barriers. The full context of the dialogue always moves with the customer.

Already have your point solutions?

Great, bring your own bot to Anywhere365® and enrich it with all our features and integrations. Conversational AI and machine learning are at our very core, including virtual assistants, via chat and voice channels. Let them talk to customer or suggest answers for an agent, saving their precious time. We provide off-the-shelf integration to Natural Language Understanding API's and Bot technologies from Microsoft, Google, and more.

Automate Conversational AI With Low Code

Anywhere365® enables you to automate any dialogue. Integrate any API-based point solution and data system to easily build AI-enabled voice bots and chat bots. All by yourself. The Anywhere365® Dialoge Studio lets you simply drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas. No coding knowledge needed.

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