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Our Partnership Program has been designed to support and empower organizations who would like to incorporate Anywhere365® into their portfolio.

Complement your existing skillset and infrastructure to differentiate your offering, add value to your proposition and take the future of work to your customers.

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Partnership Program

Our Partnership program has three tiers; designed to align to your strategies and goals. Onboard at the level that suits your business and technical capabilities and let us grow together, strengthening our partnership and revenues.

We are committed to empowering you, from strategy through to execution, ensuring your on-going development and sales progression; your Anywhere365® success is our success.

Our Partnership Framework


We are proud to support our Partners with our all-encompassing Framework, designed to:

Differentiate your brand

Take advantage of growth opportunities

Gain a competitive advantage

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Why Join Us?


We are a trusted brand and technology, with more than 200 partners and over 2000 customers.

The de facto Choice

According to industry analysts and Microsoft MVPs, we are the de facto choice for communication capabilities on top of the Microsoft stack.

Portfolio Expansion

Including Anywhere365® into your portfolio will guarantee you increased revenue, profitability and customer retention.

Say Yes

Bigger deal size, short sales cycles and less complexity; Anywhere365® will enable you to say yes to virtually every customer need.

More Microsoft UC deals

Combining Microsoft Teams and Anywhere365® will expand your prospect base.

Sell More

Opportunity to sell more Professional Services; integrations, bots, SharePoint, PowerApps etc.

Trusted Advisor

Partnering with us means you will become a trusted advisor to your customers, rather than just a technology supplier.

Valued Member

By joining our Partnership Program, you will be a valued member of our global Partner community.

Download our Partnership Playbook

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Why Organisations Choose to Partner with Anywhere365®


“Customers benefit from our partnership, getting the most out of Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud platform. The Anywhere365® Project Lead helps us to speed up the project. Especially when it comes to integrations with third-party CRM systems for effortless communication across channels of their choice. KPN’s goal is to provide the best customer experience by creating the ultimate dialogue flow with Anywhere365® Dialogue Studio tool.”


“Symity is now an Anywhere365 Partner of
Excellence and we enjoy the close and open reciprocal partnership with Anywhere365, standing together when helping customers. We don’t just do Teams, we live and breathe it, and it is clear Anywhere365 does too. Our vision in working together is to ensure we deliver the highest quality solutions and service for our clients.”


“As an Anywhere365® partner I’m able to bring unlimited value to my customers. Organizations are constantly looking to improve productivity and customer experience to stay competitive. These goals are usually met by digitally transforming their business. Anywhere365® is THE platform to facilitate digital transformation, in minutes I’m able to map multiple customer use case into concrete solutions. Merging dialogues, data, cognitive services, AI, IoT and much more into extremely powerful solutions and business cases!”