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Innovating customer engagement is complex, but that doesn’t mean it should be difficult to explain. We created this page to show how our product works in the real world and to offer a couple of examples to highlight its benefits.

Get inspired, and picture ways you could enhance your company’s customer dialogues with Anywhere365®.

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Anywhere365 Use Case Examples

To give you a general sense of our platform, we've illustrated a couple of ways Anywhere365 can be used to bring Customer Engagement to the next level.

Fix Internet Issues

David experiences technical difficulties with his new router, contacts his provider for support, and is helped by Sarah. Anywhere365 identifies David's router serial number based on his phone number. Using machine learning, Sarah's virtual assistant provides her with a personalized solution and she sends an engineer to David's house who arrives within an hour.

Real-time sentiment analysis shows David is pleased with support, and his router is back online. Sarah receives praise for an excellent job done and is off to make another customer happy.

Increase AOV in Ecommerce

Laura is searching for a new set of speakers. She turns to live chat to confirm compatibility with her sound system. The Bot scans her information and checks previous purchases, confirming that the product Laura picked is compatible.

However, there's a better speaker with much better specs for a slightly higher price. The Bot suggests a swap and Laura agrees. The transaction value increased and Laura is now a satisfied customer.

The interaction shows how a human and a Bot can speed up interaction as well as increase the value of transaction.

Optimize Time-Critical Communication

Blake's lab at the hospital closes for the weekend after his Friday shift. On Sunday evening, a fridge unit malfunctions and the samples are at risk.

Thankfully, the hospital uses Anywhere365 critical dialogues to fully automate IoT workflows. The fridge unit sends an urgent maintenance notification, creating a ticket with relevant IoT device data and sends an SMS to the on-duty engineer, John. John speedily arrives and fixes the unit. He then closes the ticket and uploads a report to the lab's Teams channel.

On Monday, Blake reads the report and is relieved the samples were saved, all the while he had a peaceful weekend.

Customer Engagement with Anywhere365's Best Features

Communications Routing Effectiveness

Delivers the reliability and security of modern omni channel contact centers, while allowing you the flexibility to easily integrate your back-office systems and the latest technologies into your agents’ workflows.

CRM Productivity

Standalone or integrated to Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow or Microsoft Teams, WebAgent provides users with cloud-based omnichannel contact center, CRM and workstream collaboration functionality in a unified desktop interface.


Features such as transfers, contact notes, call-back reminders, queue management and calendar integrations are easily implemented. Microsoft Teams will be the only presence system you’ll need.

On average our customers save 45 seconds. Per agent. Per contact.

Find out how you can save time with Anywhere365®

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The Old Way of Working in Silos

Vs The New Way of Dialogue Management


Innovation applied to real-life challenges

See how our solutions can optimize everyday customer experiences.

City Council Call Queues

A citizen calls their local government branch to report a dangerous pothole on the road.

Anywhere365 recognizes they are using a mobile phone and presents a voice bot that dynamically suggests appropriate solutions.

In this instance, it will redirect them to an online portal. If it had been an emergency, the citizen would be immediately connected to an agent.

Time-Sensitive Factory Emergency

An emergency happens at a large factory. An employee must immediately contact an emergency response officer. But finding their contact details and explaining the emergency is time-consuming.

With Anywhere365®, all emergency response officers are notified at once. Thanks to sensor-based communication routing technology they also understand the context of the emergency.

This means that no live agents were needed and  time is optimized in a critical situation.

Education Intelligence & Communicative Power

Kirsten studies civil engineering at a large university. Before Anywhere365®, navigating university portals was complicated and frustrating.

After implementing Anywhere365® banner integrations, all the processes and technology work together to deliver a convenient, connected and student-centric experience to Kirsten and her fellow students.

Anywhere365® adds intelligence and communicative power — from admissions, registration, and curriculum management to advising and assessment.

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