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Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud is a native communication layer on top of Microsoft Teams and its foundational framework, Azure Communication Services. As the trusted Microsoft partner, we fully leverage existing investments in the Microsoft ecosystem to streamline communications for an accurate, reliable, customer-centric experience.  

Our omnichannel capabilities create flexibility and freedom to seamlessly reach your customers on any communication channel, helping you to find speedy solutions, whilst creating the capacity to handle more requests. 

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Anywhere365 Use Case Examples

To give you a general sense of our platform, we've illustrated a couple of ways Anywhere365 can be used to bring Customer Engagement to the next level.

Digital Transformation

Limited by their outdated on-premise solution and unable to invest in new technology, University of Cape Town needed to optimize business communications for their 35,000+ students and staff. 

By migrating to a future-proof cloud solution integrated with Microsoft Teams, UCT could make use of their existing investments whilst seamlessly transitioning to cutting-edge technology. The ease and speed of deployment of the Anywhere365 solution meant that the university could get back to quickly servicing their dedicated students and staff, whilst sharpening their competitive edge. As a result, UCT scaled their call center base from 3 to 40 call centers. 


Legacy Modernization

Mazda needed to update outdated legacy systems and wanted to move any call centers which were not yet integrated with their CRM system. To help control cost and performance, it was essential for Mazda to bring their customer service infrastructure back in-house.  

Anywhere365 helped Mazda utilize the wider investment that they'd already made in the Microsoft ecosystem. The Anywhere365 low-code platform Dialogue Studio, enabled the connection of any business system that Mazda was using (such as their legacy CRM tools), allowing them to make intelligent routing decisions based on data, bringing even more reps online.

Thanks to these changes, Mazda was able to save a whopping $1.8M USD.  


Life-Saving Dialogue

UN Agency, International Organization for Migration (IOM) needed to centralize business communications with their beneficiaries and open more digital channels to make it even easier for people to reach them. Whilst Microsoft Teams was the UC product of choice, it didn't have all the required features. With teams on 500 missions in 170+ countries, it was vital to maintain global accessibility to continue providing life-changing support to migrants worldwide. 

Being all-in on Microsoft, Anywhere365 was the perfect fit. IOM was able to leverage Teams with Anywhere365 for their contact centers. The Dialogue Cloud offering equipped IOM to make full use of the entire Microsoft ecosystem, delivering intelligence and omnichannel routing. Caller identification and tracking logged in CRM systems, enabled support reps to access customer data and historical dialogue, all natively integrated in a single screen solution in Teams.  


Customer Engagement with Anywhere365's Best Features

Communications Routing Effectiveness

Delivers the reliability and security of modern omni channel contact centers, while allowing you the flexibility to easily integrate your back-office systems and the latest technologies into your agents’ workflows.

CRM Productivity

Standalone or integrated to Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow or Microsoft Teams, WebAgent provides users with cloud-based omnichannel contact center, CRM and workstream collaboration functionality in a unified desktop interface.


Features such as transfers, contact notes, call-back reminders, queue management and calendar integrations are easily implemented. Microsoft Teams will be the only presence system you’ll need.

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Find out how you can save time with Anywhere365®

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