Modern Agent Workplace: WebAgent

Customer Experiences are crucial for successful businesses. And 80% of consumers say that contact with an agent is crucial for that experience. But what about the agent on the other side of the line? We believe that it’s not just about the customer experience, but rather about the full dialogue. Agent experiences are just as vital; a well-designed modern agent workplace will create happier and more efficient agents, who on their turn will create happy and loyal customers.

Improve Agent Productivity

Leave simple and frequently asked questions to bots, while letting agents work on more challenging and custom queries. Anywhere365® WebAgent is a modern agent workplace to enable collaboration, communication capabilities and real-time insights in a single pane of glass.Extend cloud-based Anywhere365® WebAgent to remote office or work-at-home contact center agents and knowledge workers. Either as a standalone application, integrated into Microsoft Teams or in your CRM or other business applications. It can be deployed without any desktop installation making rollout and upgrades quick and painless.

An Integrated Modern Agent Workplace

Learn how Anywhere365® WebAgent natively integrates with popular CRM and team collaboration applications.

Dynamics 365

Turn your Dynamics 365 CRM into a powerful omnichannel tool for agents and knowledge workers. Let them work with customers from inside their trusted Dynamics interface.

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Anywhere365® WebAgent is the leading contact center integration, to bridge Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.

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Increase your Workforce Productivity. Ready for automated AI voice bot and chat bot dialogues to unleash the power of the workforce.

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Anywhere365® WebAgent can be nested inside the SAP C4C interface, providing users with cloud-based omnichannel contact center functionality without moving between applications. 

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Let them work from their familiar Applicant Tracking System. Agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video all from within Bullhorn.

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WebAgent Features

Agents can view queue activity and take appropriate action to ensure KPI’s are being met. They can recognize customers thanks to seamless CRM integrations that automatically pop up customer records before the dialogue is answered. Our advanced Timeline enables the agent to understand the entire customer journey from their standpoint. For call transfers they can easily view the availability of colleagues to ensure calls are sent to best available resource.Of course our wrap-up timer enables agents to accurately process post call administrative tasks with codes to track interaction outcomes for business intelligence reporting.