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Creating a data driven employee experience with Service Desk Automation

It is possible to utilize your Service Desk in a smarter way. Especially if your business uses applications like Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow.

In this webinar we will show you how connecting these platforms paves a way for smart automation, delivering high efficiency and unparalleled employee experiences.
Let’s have a look together at what is going on in the world of internal service desks and how conversational AI is changing the value of the service desk.

Erik will show you 
how automation of your service desk dialogues increases productivity and employee happiness. He'll also show you a demo of how that is achieved with Anywhere365® as a native bridge between ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams.

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Anywhere365 Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams


The browser-based attendant console is set to become the receptionist’s best friend. It's a highly intuitive solution to bring the best experience to suppliers, customers and co-workers. It holds many extremely-easy-to-use widgets. All natively attached to Microsoft Teams.

Discover the benefits and features in this on demand webinar. 

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Leverage Microsoft Teams for the Contact Center

Don't miss out on the most disruptive trend in business communication and CX
Everybody wants a Microsoft Teams Contact Center. It's the most disruptive trend in the communication industry. Google Trends shows that the searches for Microsoft Teams Contact Center have spiked. And Microsoft started certifying A-player Teams Contact Center solutions.

Watch this on demand webinar if you're looking to optimize your Teams client with contact center functionality. We will not only show you the trends, but we'll also dive into the different levels of integration, practical guidelines and use cases.

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