My Food Bag

My Food Bag is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies, with annual revenues well over $150m, changing the landscape of the online retail food sector. Very early, the company had adopted a predominantly cloud first tech strategy. Microsoft 365 met the company’s needs around email and productivity tools, as they ballooned to a staff of 80 people within 3 years of launching.

Digital transformation the recipe for succes at My Food Bag

Eroding Customer Satisfaction

Although Microsoft 365 had scaled with the company’s growth, the traditional technology investments, including the phone system, were straining under the weight of the company’s rapid growth. The company’s PABX had begun to falter under significantly increased call volumes, and 'going down' at least once a week. “We had simply maxed out our equipment, and if we had to upgrade our PABX just to add more SIP lines it was going to cost a small fortune”, says IT Manager, Amy Vo.

The real challenge wasn’t about tech though. The company had concerns about eroding customer satisfaction (or Customer Love, as My Food Bag refer to it). Amy Vo: “We found out through social media, our customers saying they couldn’t get through to us. That situation had to be resolved quickly”.

Microsoft Cloud Voice Technologies

In 2017 it was time to invest in new technology to support My Food Bag’s next phase of growth. In a workshop with key stakeholders the company determined the future business requirements and alignment with the technology roadmap. And with the guidance and technical expertise of Lexel, My Food Bag rapidly transformed into a Microsoft Cloud technologies company to fuel collaboration and productivity.

Together with Lexel, the team established My Food Bag’s priority was voice. With a Microsoft 365 tenancy already in place, Microsoft Skype for Business made perfect sense. For customer engagement the company chose Anywhere365® as the market’s sole solution that was exclusively and natively built to the full Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The old phone system is replaced by a PSTN integration to accommodate the company’s future scalable growth. This also reduced costs significantly for My Food Bag through virtually eliminating calling charges.

Reducing Time On The Phone

The impact on the business and their corresponding customer satisfaction was enormous. “Since Lexel deployed our Skype for Business contact center we have never had the phone system go down.” says Ryleigh Cornes, Head of Customer Love. "And that impact has increased even further with Microsoft Teams and Anywhere365® WebAgent. The Microsoft ecosystem is now integrated with our contact center, so every caller is identified upfront, reducing the time on the phone for both the customer and the Customer Love Team."

PowerBI for Customer Insights

Historically, the My Food Bag team had a limited view as to the success of recipes unless a customer took the time to make a call or send an email. Today, every week over 2000 ‘foodies’ rate recipes online. Through Microsoft Power BI, the team now has access to visually impactful business intelligence within the Anywhere365® environment, facilitating the team to easily determine recipe success.

With no integration between My Food Bag’s bespoke CRM solution and other critical tools, getting visibility in the business was challenging. With only highly intensive manual workarounds using Excel, accessing data was incredibly time consuming. The integration of PowerBI into Anywhere365® holds profound advantages for My Food Bag’s CRM Manager and Finance Manager; it has reduces time-consuming manual overhead by a minimum of a day a week.

40% Increased Productivity

The impact of having one Microsoft Cloud centric toolbox for communication, collaboration and reporting is far-reaching. IT Manager Amy Vo explains: “Our business has literally transformed. This has been so beneficial to us. The Anywhere365® communications platform truly leverages any feature from the Microsoft 365 ecosystem: SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, Azure and more”.

The customer love team (44 people) communicates with thousands of foodies every day. By phone, email and through social media. But even with continued growth, there are no plans to grow the customer love team. Cornes explains “We’re simply more productive than we’ve ever been”. The My Food Bag team estimate staff productivity has increased by a whopping 40%, a direct result of the impact of Microsoft cloud solutions and Anywhere365®.

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