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ACS Call Automation

ACS Call Automation is used to handle incoming calls in Anywhere365 contact centers. Incoming calls are answered, audio files are played back, and DTMF and voice is captured. All these operations are used to make sure the caller’s intend is clear and the right Agents can service the caller accordingly.

ACS Teams Interop

Once a call is queued in Anywhere365, ACS Teams Interop is used to invite a Microsoft Teams Agent into a contact center call. Not only the initial Agents can be Microsoft Teams Users, but also Subject Matter Experts running Microsoft Teams can be consulted.

ACS Calling SDK

Inviting an Agent is one thing, but this Agent should be able to answer the call, put the call on hold and resume it accordingly, mute and unmute his microphone, but also consult Subject Matter Experts or initiate a transfer. This is where the ACS Calling SDK comes into play.

ACS Audio Streams

Once the caller is connected to the Agent, Anywhere365 will capture the Audio Streams that are provided by ACS Call Automation. These Audio Streams are transcribed to text using Azure Cognitive Services and when the call gets disconnected the transcripts will be summarized by Open AI and stored accordingly.


Impress Customers With Great CX

  • Deliver omnichannel customer support
  • Data-driven personalizations
  • Consistent & high value experiences
  • Powered by next gen AI capabilities
  • Improved self-service options
  • Higher overall customer satisfaction scores

Enhance Productivity For Your Team

  • Drag & drop automations with low code
  • Get deep customer analytics & insights
  • Easily reduce unnecessary dialogues in each customer engagement
  • Seamless Integration with your favorite CRM
  • Integrate Open AI to summarize call transcripts

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