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Anywhere365 WebAgent
for Salesforce

The Anywhere365 Salesforce contact center integration helps you turn Salesforce CRM into an omnichannel contact center and dialogue management solution for agents and knowledge workers. 

Increased Workstream Productivity

Receive and initiate calls, chats, emails, SMS and video all from within the Salesforce client.

Improved Customer Experience

Impress your customers by resolving their inquiries the first time they reach out.

Work from Anywhere

Extend Anywhere365 and Salesforce to remote office or work-at-home contact center agents and knowledge workers.

Reduced IT Costs

Web-based client utilizes existing investments in the Microsoft and Salesforce applications that your employees already know.

Salesforce X Microsoft Teams

Anywhere365 supports a myriad of desktop environments turning them into powerful communications tools for both contact center agents and regular business users alike. Our native-to-Teams WebAgent  docks your CRM system, e.g. Salesforce, to your Microsoft Teams client. Which is great, especially with your entire workforce working from home. From their desktop clients, users can access CRM data, monitor service levels and easily transfer interactions to other agents, skill groups or subject matter experts.

Remotely create a full agent and supervisor experience in one client


Customer Recognition

CRM integration automatically pops customer records before the call is answered.

Advanced Timeline

Understand the entire customer journey from their standpoint.

Queue Overview

View queue activity and take appropriate action to ensure KPI’s are being met.


Easily view the availability of colleagues to ensure calls are sent to best available resource.

Reason Code

Agents input codes to track interaction outcomes for business intelligence reporting.

Wrap-up Timer

Gives agents time to accurately process post call administrative tasks.

Other integrations

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Anywhere365 for Bullhorn

Is your company using Bullhorn CRM for candidate tracking? Anywhere365® deeply integrates into Bullhorn for tailored candidate communication, by AI bots as well as your workforce.

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Anywhere365 for SAP C4C

Is your entire contact center working from home? Our WebAgent docks your SAP C4C client to Microsoft Teams. Users receive and send dialogues, access CRM data, and monitor service levels in a single pane of glass.

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Anywhere365 for Microsoft Teams

Improve workforce efficiency and personalize the customer experience by giving users the communications, CRM and collaboration tools within their trusted Teams client.

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Anywhere365 for ServiceNow

From their ServiceNow client agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video and have the customer information automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record.

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Anywhere365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Nested inside the Dynamics 365 interface, WebAgent provides users with cloud-based omni-channel contact center functionality without having to move between applications.

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