Enhance helpdesk experiences by integrating ServiceNow with MS Teams

Anywhere365® WebAgent
for ServiceNow

The ServiceNow contact center integration allows helpdesk agents to receive and send calls, chats, emails and video. And always with the customer information automatically displayed and directly linked to the CRM record in a single pane of glass.

Increased Workstream Productivity

Design automated voice bot and chat bot dialogues, route only more complex conversations to agents.

Improved Customer Experience

Manage interactions over the entire customer journey; ensure first time resolutions. Always.

Work from Anywhere

Extend Anywhere365® and ServiceNow to remote office or work-at-home contact center agents and knowledge workers.

Reduced IT Costs

Anywhere365® utilizes existing investments in the Microsoft platforms and applications that your employees already know.

Full Agent and Supervisor Experience in one client

Customer Recognition

CRM integration automatically pops customer records before the call is answered.

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Queue Overview

View queue activity and take appropriate action to ensure KPI’s are being met.

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Advanced Timeline

Understand the entire customer journey from their standpoint.

Wrap-up Timer

Gives agents time to accurately process post call administrative tasks.

Reason Code

Agents input codes to track interaction outcomes for business intelligence reporting.

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Easily view the availability of colleagues to ensure calls are sent to best available resource.

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Seamless Integration with The Most Essential Business Tools

Anywhere365® is developed with information sharing in mind. Therefore, it is possible to create an interface between our platform and any other system. Other integrations include:


What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow provides technical management support, including help desk functionality. It is a very popular tool for automating IT Business Management through ticketing and other services. 

Can ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams work together?

ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams are both powerful tools for the enterprise, but are mostly used in silos. But connecting these platforms paves a way for smart automation, delivering high efficiency and unparalleled employee experiences. Anywhere365® is a cloud solution for enterprise-wide dialogue management such as contact centers, receptions and internal helpdesks. It is a native bridge between ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams, enabling you to maximize the impact of both platforms. 

Can ServiceNow automate my helpdesk interactions?

Within ServiceNow it is possible to automate tasks, but these are mostly workflows. If you want to automate the dialogues between helpdesk and employees who are calling to your internal service departments you will need omnichannel capabilities, powered by conversational AI. Bridging ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams, Anywhere365® Dialogue Cloud can route voice and text dialogues to engage employees automated and effortless across the communications channels of their choice, while ensuring that the context and history of the dialogue always moves with them. Our Bring-Your-Own-Bot strategy lets you integrate your own AI solutions into our platform through our zero code Dialogeu Studio. 

How does Anywhere365 help me automate my ServiceNow interactions?

We’ve made it easier than ever to innovate contact center automation with our no code Dialogue Studio. Designated users can drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas, so that your voice bot or chat bot will know if it needs to say something, play a configured audio-file, wait for input or route a caller to a specific skill group or agent. Deployment is done with a simple click of a button.

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