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Ask Roger! are an Anywhere365® Partner of Excellence and are Attendant Console Accredited. By optimizing processes, we increase your productivity and customer satisfaction. By integrating technologies with each other, we ensure that you stay in touch with your relations throughout their customer journey. 

As an organization you want to stay in touch with your target groups, as easy as possible. Being able to communicate channel-independently with everyone in a human and interactive way without complicated situations.

We ensure that your processes are optimized and integrated - in such a way that your productivity and therefore your customer satisfaction are increased. In concrete terms, this means that we support organizations with the implementation of communication systems such as Teams Phone with Contact Centers for Teams and Teams Meeting Rooms.

You want to be available at all times and keep the functionalities as you have them now. That is why, where necessary, the implementation of a Contact Center for Teams is also considered. After the implementation of our solutions, we ensure that the systems are always up-and-running, updated and, above all, flexible in management. We make sure you get to 'Keep in Touch!' Because nothing is more important than always staying in touch with your customers, partners and suppliers.


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Ask Roger! are a Partner of Excellence, an Attendant Console Accredited Partner and have an Ambassador.

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