Bulb Tech Group Limited

Bulb Tech Group, an Anywhere365® Certified Partner was started by a couple of blokes with over 50 years of experience in the “voice” industry.

They’ve seen it all and done most of it (Garath lost the T-shirt he had!), and they’d gotten fed up with delivering mediocre services when everything should be great.

So, Bulb is a boutique voice provider, offering only a range of services around voice communications, from basic PSTN replacement to full blown contact centres. We want to do it well and not be mediocre, like the rest, so you won’t find us trying to sell you Wi-Fi, Security, Hosting or new laptops. We will only ever seek to provide you with the best telephony services for your users and customers, after all People want to talk to people.



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Industry Expertise:

Education, Information and Communication, Public Sector, Distribution, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Publishing, Retail

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Bulb Tech are a Certified Partner and are Attendant Console Accredited.

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